I Crave one thing more than any other thing in this little existence, is freedom, something i don’t have at the moment. This is what i need most, or should i say this is what many being with a brain needs in this tiny little existence that you call life.

I crave freedom because i do not have it. It has been robbed from me by those whom seek to alter the balance of power for the sake of just one person or being. I do not know much about them what i do know is that they cannot be seen and that they are cowards and liars and cheats. They cower behind a false image and false appearance. They Lie about me, my family and my people and what they intend to do to all three of us in the coming years and months and decades. They cheat, they have cheated me out of something precious that no being must not and will not want to lose and they lie and destroyed my life for the last 30 years and that of my people’s life for over 10000 years.

I Crave the truth above all others and that truth may set me free from bondage, which is however a farfetched it may be it’s the truth and i want to stress this enough times to you the reader.

I Crave honour amongst thieves and robbers and i know i may not get, but i cannot be anything else but hopeful, because it’s all i have right know.

2009 genocide justice not going to come from UNP of 1983 pogrom: Shivajilingam

The United National Party (UNP) was responsible for the 1983 anti-Tamil pogrom. The current SL Prime Minister Rail Wickramasinghe was a cabinet minister in 1983 in the UNP regime. 33 years have elapsed. The UNP has totally failed to deliver accountability for the crimes to which it was responsible. How could one expect any justice or solution to come from the UNP for the genocidal crimes committed against Eelam Tamils in 2009, asked M.K. Shivajilingam, a veteran political leader of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO) marking 33rd anniversary of Black July. The Black July memorial events were held in Jaffna and Trincomalee in the occupied country of Eelam Tamils on Monday. The memorial events in Jaffna were held at St. Mary’s Church and at Nalloor Murukan temple.


“The UNP is deceiving the Tamils with the so-called ‘good-governance’ claim. The International Community is also collaborating with the UNP in this deception,” Mr Shivajilingam, who is also a councillor in the Northern Provincial Council, told the press after paying tribute to the Tamil leaders and victims, who were slain by the Sinhalese in 1983. NPC Councillor Ms Ananthy Sasitharan accompanied Mr Shivajilingam at the memorial event held in front of the Nalloor Kandasamy temple.

Another memorial event was held at St. Mary’s Cathedral Church in Jaffna, where prayers were held. TNPF General Secretary Selvarajah Kajendren and civil society activists took part in the memorial event at St. Mary’s Church.


The Punishment Is a simple word for a horrific action(s) dished out to the unfortunate person or persons. In this article I’ll be writing to inform you the reader about the punishment given to the Tamil community in Sri Lanka by the majority Sinhala community and this month is a coincidence or not but this month of July is a dark month for the Tamils. Why because in July of 1983 the Sinhala state unleashed a horrific attack on the Tamils nationwide for killing of 13 soldiers by the then LTTE founding members including VP (Vellupillai Pirabhakaran) and his accomplices. And they did not kill the soldiers because they felt like it but because of a rape of a Tamil woman and because the state refused to handle the or register the case in the police as this has been the norm since the british left the Island nation in the hands of the Sinhala state.

The killing of the soldiers was an ambush carried out by the LTTE and they also lost a fellow of theirs in that ambush. And this lead to the death of 3000+ Tamils and hundreds of thousands were displaced as refugees and most that lived in the south of the country left for foreign country’s.

This riots started out as demonstrations for the slain solders by the racist Sinhala people. And then the Mob and the state took control and turned it against the Tamil speaking minority. So every Sinhala thug in the country was looking for a tamil man to murder and a tamil woman to rape and their shops to loot. And to make matters worse the nation’s president did nothing and ordered the state police and the military to aid the mob in finding the Tamils homes and businesses and this made the killing and rape much more faster and faster for the mobs, they set fire to the shops and burned down their houses and killed innocents most of the women were raped and killed and some who tried to seek refuge in the police stations were dragged out by the police and the mob and burned alive and those who tried to flee in vans and trucks were burned alive in them. And those who ran to the safety of politicians including the President were set alight, and a few were even set alight in front of the presidents house and he just watched and did nothing.

This was not just happening in the capital but also in the jails, Tamil political prisoners were butchered by the state sponsored thugs and they all were let into the jail by the police and they weren’t just watching they were participating in the mass murder of the prisioners. And one prisioners was a prominent tamil activist and his eyes were gauged out and squashed just because he that one he will see and independent nation for his people if not by himself but by the vision of his eyes through some one else.

When the World asked he, the president of Sri Lanka said that when you starve the Tamils up north and put pressure on them then the Sinhala people will be happy and when you kill them they will be even happier and they should learn to live with it. These are not what the Tamils wanted to hear but they are the words of the President the people elected to represent them in the world stage.