I am Mohan V

So you know my name now. Now a little bit about me, ever since I was three years old I have been getting hurt around my head area, the 1st time I was bitten by my grandma's dog, on the head and I were three and then I was hit over the head with a wooden post when I was 5, then I got brain malaria when I was 6 then a year later I got Chickenpox(that had nothing to do with the head but...)​

The best thing is that I survived all of them, but I have been diagnosed with a Mental Illness know to most as schizophrenia more specifically mine is called Unspecified Nonorganic Psychosis( not a dam clue as to what the Nonorganic even means) but I got it and well this is me trying to make something out it.

Why this? you may ask

It's because I thrive on bad times and I remind myself of a lyric from a tamil movie each time when something and goes down, it goes like this:

வாழ்க்கையில் ஆயிரம் தடைக்கலப்பா  
தடைகளும் உனக்கொரு படிகளப்ப 

It simply means: in life, there are 1000 obstacles and even the obstacles are stepping steps

Nothing goes to waste...ever