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Omen’s arent always easily readable and they’ll never introduce themselves to you.

What I mean by Omen is that it’s a sign of something good or bad.

Omen in the English language is called portent or presage in other meanings.

It comes in the form (to me) usually of a dream from 3 am to 6 am in the morning about the future and I don’t usually have a say or control in what and how it turns out and when I do have it or how I can have one at will.

The 1st one I had was when I was very young and I was around 4 to 6 and It depicted my demise and I had no idea what to make of it.

There have been numerous and there was another during my years at secondary school and it depicted three beings.

It went like this.

I was walking into a pure white room with what looked like a stage of some sort and my hands are clasped into a prayer I was wearing white.

I stood in front of them one of the right of me was of a Mesomorphic body and I could not see his feet’s and he had like what appeared to be a snake-like feature for the part of his body below the waist.

Then right next to him was with Endomorphic body and he was like one of those Chinese BUddhas for money and I could see all of him and he was smiling whereas the Mesomorph was angry.

Then the last one to the left was the Ectomorph and he looked like a young boy.

They were all white in colour and had no visible colours of any sort (except white).

I too was wearing white and I stood in front of them and they all just started to go up and down and then after a few rises and falls, what it appeared to me anyway, they all came to a stop and they all seem to be at the same level above what appeared to a throne and they all smiled and I was happy about it.

Then I woke up and until 5 or 6 years ago if the things that have happened to me hadn’t happened then I would still be scratching my head in complete and utter confusion.

The result:

From what I saw in the last 16 to 18 years of dreams and visions and others, what I make of it is that there are three powerful beings capable of altering anyone’s or everyone’s future and therefore as such, they also fight among themselves for superiority and dominance and they can be approached to help you find money success and other things beings crave.

What I wanted and still want, this I got from the dreams, is equality among all beings and I MEAN ALL beings, of course, you cant give a Monkey Voting right’s or can you.

What I’m trying to say is that If there is no quality among these beings who appeared like God’s to me then what hope do we have in politicians and other people in such high places or power or influence.

It all starts at the top AND the bottom.

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