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When will I be allowed to die?

I’m currently struggling to live or even survive, the parasites are getting stronger and have shown me that they can control my mind and body.

I do not want to be a puppet to this evil inbred swine or his bitches.

Id rather die and go to hell, where at least I’ll know what I’m suffering for or why and how long I’ll be there.

Here seems like it’s for ever and frankly id rather burn what ever body I’m in and go in a flash, hopefully someone who’s making suffer by holding me will also suffer in the Hellfires.

I hope i leave soon i can’t take this veil of deceit and betrayal and manipulation.

#body #course #Braindead #Hell #bloomingabilities #Theft #MentalBlock #பவஙகள #lies #Mentalillness #Blackpheonix #TheRoadtoHell #Mental #Elamnites

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