A Civilization that came from the conquest of a Vagina….yeap

The Javanese civilization

The vagina that we are about to discuss is the Vagina of the mother queen of the Javanese royals.

Her name was Ken Dedes

ken dades

During her time she was said to embodied the perfect beauty.

But how did her Vagina become the tales of legend ?

It started during a fateful day when her carriage was stuck on a muddy road. It is said it was windy that day and the wind blows her skirt, revealing her “beautifully glowing” genitals. We must remember she lived during the 13th century, and what people in Java wore those days are nothing compared to what the Javanese wear today even though she was royalty.

But to whom her genitals was so important ? The man that caught that stunning sight was Ken Arok, a brutish ambitious man who would later claimed her and made her his wife.

Ken Arok

There are no credible historical bust or statue depicting Ken Arok, so nobody really sure what he looks like, but one thing is certain, he was an ambitious and a very sexual man who would later became the king of Java and founded the Singhasari kingdom.

It was the same Javanese kingdom that defeated the mighty Chinese Navy.

When that fateful encounter with Ken Dedes occurred, the young stunning beauty was already married to Tunggul Ametung, the regent of Tumapel, in what is today the city of Malang.

She was off royal blood born from a lineage of Buddhist monks. Java during those days are predominantly either Hindu or Buddhist. While Ken Dedes was high on the social strata, Ken Arok was nothing more than a low servant of Tunggul Ametung, Ken Dedes husband.

Ken Arok happens to be on the road that day, working to guard the carriage of the regent’s wife when it got stuck. Fate intervened. He caught the sight of Ken Dedes naked legs and eventually the lust and urge for her Vagina grows unbearable that he challenge Tunggul Ametung in a duel and killed him.

But killing his boss and making Ken Dedes his wife was not enough for Ken Arok. He also has a lust for power, so in a bold move after the death of Tunggul Ametung he proclaimed that he is the new ruler of Tumapel and in 1222 to further his ambition his newly created army attacked the kingdom of Kertajaya of Kediri and won !

A new kingdom of Singhasari was born. Ken Arok got his wishes. Ken Dedes by his side and a new kingdom just for him to rule.

You would think that its the end of the story, but fate once again show its ugly face to the couple. When Ken Dedes was still with her first husband she already bear a child, a son, named Anusapati.

Anusapati was aware that Ken Arok murdered his father so for years he devised a plan to kill Ken Arok, and in 1227 he got his chance and executed his plan. With Ken Arok’s death, the kingdom of Singhasari was his. His mother still beautiful as ever once again solely devoted to him.

In later years the kingdom of Singhasari would morph to become the Majapahit empire, the largest empire to have ever ruled Southeast Asia.

And all of this death, revenge and glory was due to a “beautifully glowing” Vagina of the queen mother of Javanese royals, Ken Dedes.

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