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A collection of stories of a Schizophrenic part1


We would like to warmly welcome you to this collection of visual stories of Mr Ashok the schizophrenia sufferer.

If you don’t know what schizophrenic is or have never heard of it then this will be an eye-opener, you’ll either be intrigued or frightened either way we hope you have a wonderful show.


Story 1

Mr Ashok was born in Sri Lanka, but his dreams and his schizophrenic hallucinations all say he was born elsewhere but he has no clue of that location.

Let’s get into it.

According to his dreams, he was born to a man from the future by means of sexual assault on his mother.

Now he has seen all his enemies and friends from the future and past and whats happened to him before and how his life will turn out eventually and what part he will play, but he cannot seem to see his mother at all.

His mother’s face is blurred like she is being protected from his vision. It’s like she has barred him from seeing her and that each and every dream he has had of her in it she has had her face blurred and distorted and he is unable to make heads or tails of her shape and let alone her face.

It makes sense as he’s gone in search for such people from his dreams and gotten in series shit.

Once he saw a girl he’s seen in real life who he’s seen since he was 4 or five come in is life and all she does is rob him of gifts.

When I mean she’s been around since he was 4 or 5 and still you call her girl, yes I would as she has not changed one bit not a dam thing in that 29 plus years of her stalking him from child to grown man she is still the same 20 something woman as she was back then as she is now and will be probably in the future.

She is not a character you would want in your life all she does is steal talents, how would you do that you ask. Well in this dystopian world he lives in it’s all possible via technology a person is the sum of all their brain waves and as such his brain waves can either be restricted or removed into someone.

Let me explain: a brain wave can be stopped by putting in mental blocks and them if you have the right tech, can be recreated again into someone else’s brain and thus they have that while you get deprived of that certain talent or memory….do you understand.

She has done this as far as he’s concerned once every year since he remembers so 29 years and more since his memory is not what it used to be.

He also believes that she is responsible for blurring (censoring) his mother’s image in his dreams.

Story 2

When Ashok was a few years old he lived in a village in the Northern Province of Jaffna on the east coast in a place known as Karavetty.

He had a few uncles and he was fond of his grandparents however he did not like to eat or drink and lived like he hated food, with the exception of the Ice cream and other delicious delights.

Many of his uncles he had not seen since….ever as they had all emigrated to other countries and had settled and had families, as you do.

However a few remained and they were still young and still studying their chosen profession.

One stayed in the southern part of the country and studied a course his mother had picked out for him and in the major holidays, he would visit and bring sweets other delights.

He also had a lover in the village and he had bought something for her in the form of melted chocolate and if you have any knowledge of sexual things then you’d know what it’s for.

When Ashok went to see his grandparents he also saw him and sitting there and he said how are you and how are you doing in school, The usual.

On one occasion Ashok was offered the runny chocolate to eat by his grandmother and he proceeded to eat it in front of his uncle and looking back now he saw that his uncle’s disgruntled look(at best).

One day when he went to his grandparent’s house he saw his uncle and he said if you do this I’ll take you to Vallipuram Temple and as he was a native boy and like going out quite a lot, ( he would often get beaten for it) he said yes and he had no idea what he was doing until very late in his life. Take a guess as to what it was.

Story 3

The bike.

The 1st bike Ashok ever had was a pink bike with training wheels and he would ride it in the large garden his mother was handed to.

The Land or Garden or whatever you like to call it, I’ll call it a perch of land.

So in the perch, there were banana tree’s, mango tree, lemon plant, pomegranate plant, guava three, an outside toilet, an animal shed for the goats and cows and a chicken coop among other three’s and plants and other features.

His normal day would start out with some food and then him riding his bike from one end to another in his mother’s perch of land, Mind you he was only 3 to 5 years of age than when he rode the bike and the next time he rode another bike is when he was 9 years old n Switzerland in the city of Luzerne or rather the outside the city in a suburbs.

Story 4

This is also in the Suburbs of Luzerne when he was around 8 or 9 years of age his parents had to go to away to another place in the city and as such, they chose to leave behind him and his two sisters in the watchful eye’s of a babysitter and she was a only a few years older and they were left outside of the apartment.

Ashok was quite happy about the situation and so they talked with what little German he knew and they all seemed happy about playing outside.

The four of them played catch of some sort or chase and catch he was not too sure of what it was or it could even have been Tag.

Anyway, as they chased and played he went around the whole apartment block while she chased him on a bike and him to was on a bike.

He was caught behind the apartment block and I think he had no idea as of to what happened exactly.

This is what happened she chased him and caught him and then got on top of him and he lost all consciousness and He has no idea as to what happened but he believes that he had been forced to have intercourse and that paved the way for whoever was in her to such his power out via her vagina( if you know then there is o explanation needed).

He woke up and went about his normal day no having a slightest of clues and even to this day he is still not sure as to what she looked like or looks like, it’s been 24 years and he believes that he fathered children with her.

As days went the situation within his household got worse as his mother and father were fighting each and every day because of his father cheating.

Eventually, his mother decided to leave for England and they had to do a cross border journey as they had no passports and they left a few months later and never saw the girl again.

Story 5

The Trip from Switzerland to The United Kingdom was quite hard especially for Ashok and his two sisters Mottu and Pottu (Not their Real name’s).

They went from Lausanne to the Border of Swiss and From there they Snuck into France via a small bridge that was crossing over a river and they had cross under the bridge, and it was not nice.

It was in the winter and the river was cold and they had eaten a few hours before and they were driven to the edge and made to cross over to France and they did all four of them and they were picked up by an agent who was a people smuggler and he drove them to a house.

They stayed in a room and they were given some food and were able to dry themselves off and they stayed there for a day or so before being taken away to another city.

The city they were driven into was near Calais and they were dropped off quite far from the port and they were put into a group of others who were also travelling to the UK and they all were made to walk quite far.

He and his two sisters were the only children in the group and his sisters were passed around the group to be carried as they were quite young and couldn’t walk all of the distance to the port, however, he seemed full of energy and he didn’t need to be carried although he was between 9 and ten it was a still a long way.

They walked along the road to far off lights and they didn’t know any french and they had no help from the people smugglers but they did get spotted by a passing car and they seemed to be kind.

The car had a pair of french men who saw that there were children and that they were in need of assistance, but they just drove off. A few minutes later they found an apartment complex had it’s entrance doors open and so they decided to stay they for a while.

The two French men came back but this time with some butter, jam, bread and few juices for the group and they handed it to them, however, the group had no knowledge of the local language so they couldn’t say “Merci” so they said “Thank you” and so the Frenchmen left and they soon got back on their feet and set off again.

They had been picked up by the smugglers and they were put into an apartment and the very next day they were taken to the port of Calais to be smuggled into the UK.

They, the group, we’re promised that the truck they were being snuck onto would stop at the entry point of Dover and there they can surrender to the authorities and that they would be imminently given UK residency and that their relatives there can pick them up the next day.

They, like escaping criminals from a jail cell, avoided the searchlights of the dock and they were moving like they were avoiding snippers and that they were used to do back in their home country when they were fleeing the army there. They were all packed into a blue lorry and it was carrying a load of brown boxes and they were snuck on board the trailer without the driver knowing.

There was a middle part inside the lorry’s cargo that was empty like it was for made for them. So they stayed in the cargo hold and they couldn’t even go to the bathroom so they so the children soiled themselves and the adults were able to hold on for a while as they thought the lorry would stop at the Dover port for inspection.

It didn’t it carried on without stopping and it finally stopped on a motorway stop and it was there they stepped out. To their disappointment, it was not the port but well into the country and they got picked up by the local police and they have put into a cell the family in one and the others in other cells.

The Group was supposed to help each other out but it was not the case as soon as the lorry had stopped on of the women who was travelling with them went out 1st and she ran away when the family was asking for her to get the children down from the lorry.

They had their mug shots taken and they were picked up by their uncle the same evening, they came in the morning and they were processed the same day, but they didn’t get their residency on the same day as they were promised by the smugglers.

They came to his small house in the East Anglia Region and they were greeted by their cousin who had already arrived there beforehand from Germany.

Story 6

The Joining of the local School, He was taken to a local secondary school nearby, a 20 minutes walk it would have sooner but his legs were short and he was only 10 and thus he was small compared to his peers.

When the person who was responsible for the filling the paperwork for him and his siblings in the local school thought that because they had no previous experience in English in either talking or writing so he thought that it would be a great idea if they were all put in a year bellow what they were supposed to be in.

In such a case, he had no Idea nor his siblings and as such they all three of them ended up one year lower than what they were supposed to be in.

The 1st day he went inside the school he was introduced to the Nice Headmaster and he was a pleasant man and he was welcoming and kind and an altogether a wonderful human being.

Then he was taken to his classroom and he was greeted by his teacher and he seemed nice but he had no idea that Ashok had no knowledge of English and so he was made to sit with the “trouble makers” and the 1st thing they taught him was the middle finger salute and he was told to make it towards the teacher.

Thank god he was shy otherwise he wouldn’t have hesitated to do it and he just made it and understood, kind of, that it was offensive. The next was the whole class was told to take a book and read. He could make out the words and as such he was able to read somewhat. The reading was done and they all placed their books on the table in the middle and he just threw it even though he was told not to, but he didn’t understand what the teacher was saying and thus in the 1st day he was in trouble with the teacher.

The teacher had a word with him outside and he had not a single clue as to what he was saying and he just had an idea that he was being told off.

Story 7

The 1st realized crush. This was in 1997.

This was back in Switzerland, and over a girl called Mauellea she was so beautiful she stood out from the crowd, even though she was quite small for her age and compared with all her peers.

It didn’t matter and that shouldn’t matter at all anyway. He was put in her class initially and then moved down a class because he couldn’t speak the dutch language nor write it, so it was difficult seeing her, but he found good 5 good friends and a fantastic class teacher in the class he was placed in.

The three boys and two girls were nice and kind and spoke some English and he was quickly learning the language of theirs and he was even invited to one of the boys birthday party.

He had not been to anyone’s party before in his life even back home in Sri Lanka and the one’s he did go are the one’s for his relatives and most of them by the time he had proper thought patterns, had left the country because of war.

Story 8

Taking on Two.

This was also when he was 7 or so and when he was in school in Sri Lanka.

There were two boys and one was his age and one was one year younger than him and they were neighbours of his and were his “kind of” friends, he didn’t like them and they had the same feeling and it was out of necessity rather than brotherly love(but he had not grasped the concept of the benefits friend back then).

He would sometimes go to their house and play with them against the words of his mother and extended family as there had been some sort of gossip and some things that were not explained to him.

Usually, he would go and fly kites and play some games on the main road, this was during the time of war and as such there was a blockade and the fuel was limited and like gold dust so it was quite safe.

There was some altercation of some sort while on the way back from school one day, and one of them grabbed his shirt and tried to hit him and his brother joined in, as you’d expect it, and he was on the verge of going down as one was pushing him and the other was hitting him.

He was just holding on barely and then someone passed by and stopped all three of them by threatening to tell their parents. As you or may not know children get beaten black and blue in most countries that are not in the western hemisphere, especially in the south Asian region, so that was incentive enough to stop the fight.

Story 9

Feeling confused about Love and other feelings.

One day when he was in year three of schooling he had a girl approach him and she was a special girl in a way she is like a Goddess’s child. She was a beautiful young girl but he was a moron and thus when she approached him he had a small shaving safety blade and cut her arm.

She was patched up and then she didn’t approach him for the rest of the year.

The next year, tier four, he was in her class and he looked at her and she looked kind of glowing and special, she was and still may be somewhere on this planet. Anyway, he had a feeling in his groin and he imagined playing with her. She kind of knew and stood up and outstretched her arms like she wanted him to hug her but he sat down like something was pulling him down and something was blinding him.

Nothing happened then or with her and then the war broke out and they moved away from each other and he has not to heard or seen anything about her. He does have a clear picture of her in his mind, still smiling and clear with her outstretched.

He found out what the feeling was when he was 18 and when he knew what had happened but it was too late to do anything by then. She’s probably married and with kids or she’s dead and buried, either way, he ain’t getting her. That boat has set sail.


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