A Coward

Dear MRMOD you sir are a certified coward not willing to see me or face me so that I may take back what that is my own. What are you going to do with it I just don’t get it rather than keeping it as an animal what higher purpose does it have for you I would like to know it ASAP all though I would care less about what you want and more to what I want. You keep it but you seem to share it with lowlifes and scumbags alike and frankly I don’t like that idea and it does not sit well with me in fact it doesn’t sit well with either of us me and the one within. So can you keep it to yourself and not share it with others of your kind I have repeated this before and I’m doing it again as i have grave concerns for it and they way with you are treating is unacceptable and appalling and unforgivable. I want it back please.

Infection that’s changing me as you know I’m infected by a whore mind the word but really she’s a bad lady and cruelly wicked at that and her accomplice is even worse he’ s an inbred swine as swine’s go he’s a disgrace to pigs and inbreeds and she’s a disgrace to Gujarati’s. as the infection grows I’m forced to waste my time finding a cure for it by doing what you have seen me do best twice a day and sometimes more to prevent something robbing me of my body mind and my soul and my family and what belongs to me. I don’t seem to put a finger on it as to why you would do this I don’t know you but this is evil to the core and regardless to what she has said I’m not that bad and you know that very well and you know who I am, I’m and extension of him and I should not exist why bring me back whenever I’m sent away, not to a good place I have seen what Hell looks like and it’s not pleasant all though you may have wiped my memory but not all of it I still retain some of it and I saw where I was and what that place looked like. What was he hoping to do, remember I must have a life in order for this to work otherwise he’ll be running around in circles like his predecessor, I for one wouldn’t mind that at all him suffering for a change and going in a loop.

Murder, your step child seem to be good at it I take it he take it from the best of the best I think I die once a day it’s like having your five a day except that this is four less than that and less tasty. Is it just him or do you sometimes join in the fun?

There is a main reason for this letter and that is to point out that I’m getting kicked on the sin every now and again not to mention pinched on the back of the hand and a slight irritation on the forehead not to mention the regular slits to the foot to be precise the sole and the toes of my feet and that when I’m working is very irritating and painful and is a health and safety issue that may lead to an injury and or serious harm to me or people around me.

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