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A siren

A Sirens are a group of mythological beings that would lure men, mostly sailors and traveling men to their doom and then eat them or worse.

They are make themselves look and sound so irresistible to even the cold hearted men. And men who are in love with other women, they make them forget them and fall to their deaths.

My meeting

I too have come across such a being of enticing and allurering beauty.

The following is no joke, I first saw her in my dreams. A encapsulating and mesmerizing smile of perls that would put a smirk on anyone. Her long and amazing following locks of breathtaking hair(I love long hair on any woman, and for that matter, men as well).

She was just the perfect height to me and her skin was covered almost all the time, no she did not have a veil or a burka, but she was modestly dressed and that left my imagination to run wild. And it did, but not for her body but to converse and to play and most importantly laugh together as one.

The hook

I saw this being if beauty when I was only 15-16.

The first time I saw her she smiled with her perla and i was quite unnerved and felt uncomfortable and it made me a little scared.

Then i got kind of lured into more and more and i went into the canteen of my school just to catch a glimpse of that being, i only knew her name after 4 years and the 1st name i thought was hers was her friends.

We never talked and when i did find her online through a friend on FB and then i followed with that name to MySpace ( thank you very much Sir Tim for the WWW, you’ve helped men like me find peoples names and faces among others👍).

The feast

So now I suppose i should tell you about the siren bit.

I started a job at an nice estabilshment thanks in part to my parents, actually all parts to to them.

I would work the weekend, and in the mornings to 3 and as time progressed into my life i did longer shifts anyway.

I was still enticed but I would come in and out of desire for her because I knew something wasn’t right deep inside. It was about to get worse.

I was one day when I was in my early 20s, approached by her mother and she waited by the car and she said something which nearly gave me something to drown in happiness. As time went on that question was the biggest foly in my life.

I still picture it vividly. Anyway I was working one day, actually this happened many times, she would drive in with her family and do that shit where young women apply make-up to their face but it’s like she did it for me, yeah but it was lip shit.

No it’s not an exsaduration of what happened, because my dad was watching me drool over her. I think he was just happy that i wasn’t homosexual or into any fetish.

She did this so openly sitting next to her family member in the back seat in a lovely dress and on the side of the window by where I was doing calculation for end of shift. Oh it’s not like dude was driving he was waiting for her do her shit and while I was looking through the very large window by the shop. I bet they laughed after wards.

The arrow to the heart

Only my father, i think anyway, knew about this thing I had for her. One day my cousin came to live with us and we along with my brother-in-law went to the cinema and she was there and i didn’t want my cousin to know anything as i never spoke to the Siren and i walked by and that was the best thing I did thinking right now, but back then it was just like putting a shot gun to the groin.

She must have thought this was my girl or something and the next time I was at work she was with another man, i flipped the hell into a wonderful mix of confusion, rage, disappointment, betrayal, hate for the guy, depression and other feelings i can’t seem to remember at this time. And as a result i lasted out at people that i assumed to have talked behind my back and i unfreinded some and then i messaged her asking for an explanation.

Got nothing, and beacause of it it was quite easy to move in as the only time I ever saw her was the odd time in and at work, and through the window of her relatives car( i still remember the number plate).

I have never spoken to her face to face to on the phone, i did however get a gangster response to all the nagging and that was enough to walk away….

It would have been easier if I’d went out on a heartache and slept with a few women in the city clubs.

But little did i know love is like weed in the garden, and if you don’t have anything else growing the it’ll get out of control and it did, it overgrew and dominated the garden.

She came back and i was not expecting it and then it was an unhealthy and toxic one year.

I asked and begged but alas i left and vowed never to let her into my heart again.

I quit the job and got another one far from my dick of a dad and the Sirens gaze or any large windows where cars might park near by.

Then another psychopath came into my vision. This one has been around for all my life she only came into my vision after the Siren incident, dhe also drove past and laughed at me.

Then i somehow ended up with a vision to help the pshyco as i started to have dreams that she was in trouble from a pair of manipulators so I wrote a letter and handed it over, but I got a very different outcome, she had her boss threaten me with arrest for harassment, i don’t mind going to jail for murder but I will not be a jerk to women or force my self onto them.

Oh the dreams were so frequent and a real that i had to leave a different country where I had hoped to build my life and study what I had wanted to. Twice, one in germany and the other from norway.

I didnt want anything bad to happen to anyone then, however i’ve changed a lot and would love to wipe these people from this little rock floating in the vast emptiness of nothing.

The feast

I eventually put it all behind me and was preparing to leave the country again for good, or so I thought, i was lured into another mistake again with a vision where a sage or saniyasi like figure sitting in the vast area of empty whiteness and he said I’ll yeah you the mysteries of the mind and universe and thats all i wanted.

So went to the address i got from my vision and i knocked on the door no one answered and i immediately turned back and little did i know at the time there someone had robbed me of my body and i have been trapped in bletchly ever since, 13 years and counting, i have had my body tortured and mutilated and turned into a duplicate of the Siren.

The new Siren seems kind and try to help but being a copy of the Siren, as they is true the fruit never falls far from the tree, she also rubbs it in. I have also had the please of being connected to the many assholes of the family and all they do is fuck and fuck 24 7.

To make things worse i have a person whom I love to call inbred swine is sitting in my head and telling me to shut up. So I can’t withdraw into my self or run away anywhere.

The end

There is no fucking end to this private misery of mine as these people are the worst of the worst and when they die, they’ll escape judgement so they must be killed.

Oh there is a special place in the netherworld, I’ve also seen that, the saniyasi i saw gets sent there and the older version of him, because he’s been killing for over 700 million years plus, getts killed and ends up as a tree in the netherworld, and that said world only holds currently 2 people and 3 people will be added before the end of 2050.

Current situation

I have no idea where I am or in whom I’m in or how old i am, i know my family has been butcherd and my community is hunted and everyone that I’ll ever come across in the rest of my captivity will be these people who will be in disguise.

Not the end as long as jealousy remains in the people’s mind and heart there will always be suffering.

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