And you wonder why i need my body back

I should tell you Mod that you were once a beggar and reducing me to one shows your level of hipocracy and your attitude.


You really should stop humiliating me, If i do it i aim for the neck and head i dont pull punches like you Dickhead.

As far as i know the future I saw was inputed into my dreams when you had me in your control and even  now you dont seem to stop, does live and let live not mean anything to you fuckers.

If you want to look like the victim and the downtrodden then may i suggest a visit to the heartlad of america and into a KKK’ memebers house.

I dont know why your father has not stopped you Mod, He’s lettig you dig your own grave and blaming it on me, To look decent and nice may i suggest helping your countrymen in India. I hear there are some 300 million people bellow the poverty line.

Just a thought you pice of shit

#Elamniteturd #Elamnites

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