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Are We Sheep for Slaughter

We the Tamils of Tamil Eelam are a people that have inhabited the island for more that 3000 years with our own administrations and kings and queens and chieftains and other leaders to the north and east of the country of Sri Lanka for many hundred’s of years we live alone and without being ruled by another the invaders and traders came they kept us and the Sinhalese separate because we were separate people  and we did not mix very well with each other. Then the British came and they out us together for ease of administration and divide and conquer benefits and that’s how we were until the 1950’s when they left us together in the hands of the Sinhalese. Because we Tamils excelled in education and administrative places and leading in general the Sinhalese resented us also there was a deep rooted hatred for us from the and we didn’t much prefer them either our kingdoms before all the invaders and conquerors came extended towards the south into Anuradhapura and theirs only started from Kandy to southwards. And when ever they saw a chance they chose to invade the north and we eventually left Anuradhapura and headed into the Vanni and to the east where some of us inhabited and also to the west to Mannar. We have had great kings and and warrior’s guard us during the peace time and it’s when they are dead or ailing that the Sinhalese from the south come knocking on our doorstep. Take for example Elara, he is refereed to as the just king and was was defeated when he was old and ailing ( Then when the successor took over he built a tomb called “Elara Sohona” but the Buddhists later reclassified it as a stupa.

It seems like when ever we loose our guards the vultures come to pick us off one by one just like we have lost Vellupillai Prabhakaran and the vulture have gone on an overdrive to wipe us out from the face of the earth. There has been documented case of forced abortions on Tamil women and giving them contraceptives without their prior knowledge. This will reduce the the number of babies being born to Tamil mothers and their long term goal of eradicating us can be achieved, this isn’t the only solution used by the Government of Sri Lanka they are routinely kidnapping community leaders in order to suppress the Tamils and take away what little rights they have. Our Votes are already meaningless because they keep creating new electoral divisions and when they vote the Sinhalese always have a majority in the parliament and we have to make a coalition and very soon if this continues the coalitions wont matter anymore because they would have created enough divisions  to control everything and push out onto the carpet.

They are also Packing us off to foreign country’s as refugees, although it may look like we are going ourselves it’s the ruling party that’s behind this new heavy outflow of Tamils to other country’s like Australia and the European nations and as well as the north Americas, this way they can claim that the Tamils are leaving and no need for any devolution of power, as if they would even if we all remained in the country without leaving. They have it so good they see no reason to share power, They don’t allow any journalists to allow entry into the north even after the so called war on terror ended. This is to prevent anyone from seeing what an open prison the Jaffna peninsula and the north is. And to also to hide any truth about the atrocities committed during and after the war. However they have not remained concealed like the channel 4 videos by the troops shooting the captured civilians or tigers it has come out what a horrid regime this is but this isn’t just from this regime every regime the Sinhalese Gov has had is a tremendously evil regime.

As the world watches we are now being slowly picked off like sheep and hopefully this will not go on any longer we have had V.Prabhakaran guard us for  a while now we need another guard so scare away these vultures and give and ass-whooping to  the racist Gov and its idiotic people  and unlike VP we need a hunter to go after those who dared to hurt us and kill us in large number for no apparent reason rather than being Tamil and from the north and the east. We merely asked for our rights back and that nothing, do we need to be like Sudan where hundreds of thousands gets killed before any action gets taken.

#LTTE #Sinhalese #SriLanka #Tamil

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