Begging for my rights…

Begging for my rights is true in every sense from these fucking south Asians.

I have been begging for them to leave me alone almost all of the time I’ve been on this planet.

I have been begging them for my body.

I have been begging for my basic rights.

It’s all been ignored.

I now have to beg for what I’ve worked for and because they don’t pay the wages on time I have to remind them. each and every month.

I work for a franchisee among others and I’m supposed to get paid on the 15th of every month and the last two MCO’s didn’t pay on time.

Well, that’s an understatement, one did t pay me until the end of the next month and the other didn’t pay me for two months.

I don’t want to ask for their money all I want is what is owed to me for my work and nothing more and certainly nothing less of what I worked for while not getting a break, which I am entitled to under the Law and also as per contract as well.

I have worked non-stop for the 14 years every day seven days a week and 365 days a year, give or take a few weeks of holiday in between each year.

SO I have three jobs and one of them is cash in hand or as Americans call it under the table.

If I did declare the third income then I’d be hit with a hefty tax on top of what I pay already and that job doesn’t pay that much anyway.

All of my jobs I work for minimum wage and not a penny more and I don’t know why I put up with the shit I get in any of them.

I don’t have much talent or qualifications except a bit of patience and resilience to put up with it a bit further, as all the nasty managers I have seen have gone while I’m still there but some other meaney always takes their place.

I have no savings as to speak of, I would have had some but every time I save something the asshole inside pushes me to go and spend it on nothing and for the purpose of making me loose money.

If I had no hindrance or distraction then I would have had a lot of money by now.  See bellow.






































































Main expense

















My expenseses details

Ok sure I’ve earned a lot and if I did, which I did invest however I had no idea as to what to Invest or what share to buy in 2008 and I bought some random shares and while I sold a majority of the  and a few of them provided quite good dividend payout’s I didnt have the knowledge as I have right now with all these YouTubers and I haven’t even heard about the Rich dad Poor Dad book. So with the limited know how and from what I’ve herd from people i sold what went up and kept and still keep and kept on investing in something that was going down and i still have a few from 2008 plus some I bought recently.

Travels, I havent pass my driving Test yet and I dont want to, to be honest as I’v had bad experiences with driving and Driving Instructors in general for the following reasons. 1 the 1st ever instructor was keen on money and he’d book one day and then he’d come on two days and when i argued he’d say it’s in my diary and all he did was let me drive and tought me no parking or mauvering skills what so ever.

2nd a few years later I went with a famous company called Jhonsons driving and the Instructors name was DAVE COLEMAN and he said if i were to pay him on bulk it would be cheaper and I didn’t think toom much into it as I’ve heard very fantastic compliments about the company and he also made me drive around the city a few times and he’d end the lesson and no skills or pointers to get better at driving and then one day I book him and he dosent show for and he dosent answer the call only texts and i hate texts but i ask where he is and to which he dosent reply. I called the Company and they are defending him and saying that he came but I wasn’t there to be picked up”I was waiting in front of my house for over 45 minutes(it was a nice day) and he never showed up”. I eventually get a text back from him and he says I when do you want the lessons ans I just want to get him to give me my money worth and propose a 2 4 hour lessons and he says that would be boring just dring around and he declined and then he’s a no show for what I did agree to a 2 hour lesson and to that he’s a no show either and i leave a coplaint on the companys FB page and they remove it and say to me finaly that he’s done it to others and that since the instrsuctors are franchise’s and that they cannot give the money back and that they’ve terminated his contract. However i’ve herd from another of the their Franchisee’s that he was still with them. To this day he (DAVE COLEMAN) owen me £108 worth of lessons which I’ve not been given or reimbursed.

3rd This one was ok but he left the country beofre he tought me anything and with the previous one’s dealing I did not pay upfront.

The second main expense was the Two Loans which I took out in 2008 and 2015 both were spent in nothing and just disapeared into food and junk and other wastful expenses. Both were five years and one is still on-going and it fifnishes in November this year, hopefully I will be free much sooner, I can repay early, which I intend to do with the latest one.

Travels ever sonce I took my 1st job I have been taking Taxis and that was in 2004 and then it was 4.80 per trip to my job and now its somewhere around 7.80 for the same distance. I also use the very Unreliable Arriva and other bus providers buses and they are horrible. The Arriva dont come when it’s supposed to and the others do arrive but they’re always late.

Entertainment, with the 1st wages I got my mother took off me and said that I shouldnt have money as I didnt know how to manage it and that she was going to keep it. She was right because i didnt want her takking my away i wanted to use it myself and so on the rare day I had off I would go to the town centre and back the n there was a large HMV and a Virgin Megastore and they both had DVD’s and I would usually buy for 80 pounds a time and the rest I’d buy McDonalds with, no not all the money was on McD but a small %.

Mobile and Internet, back then we had AOL and that had some restrictions and i wasnt allowed to watch tv after 10 as there was porn channels on them and I didnt know but I think my parents knew, but i did discover some porn online and that gave me a huge bill as I was using my mobile phone to connect to my computer and use it’s data, which was around a few hundred MB’s and the stuff that was available online was only a 30 seconds long but man they were shit. I had to browse website afetr website jut looking for porn, anyway the cost of connecting my mobile to the  computer came as a shock to me and an my parents a whoping £550 and I got that bill twice. No regrets though, I did howver pay the bill with borowed money which I payed back in full. There was a benefit, one better than he release of tension for a young man, I was offerd a new phone and for only £10 and that was for 12 months and it was the best one on the market, and since I had he phone on my dad’s name, because i didnt have good enough income when i wanted the phone or a good Credidt score, and since now that I’ve move to many other providers my dad now getts all my offers and he getts a new phone every 12 months and a massive discount as the account has been going with them for 16 years. Loyal customer.

Gadjets, back when i was in school I was with the kinda nerd group and they and most others were into the latest gadjets and I was no exception and I think I spent somewhere around 500 and more in the last three years in education, and they were moslty portable MP3 players and one of the very 1st tablets to comeout in the UK market(I dont have it as it broke when i droped it and I still had the warranty so I retunred it for a full refund). I still have some of the MP3’s i bought but they dont work now.

Gambling, I discoverd gambling in my early 20’s and in my cousins shop. I have never thought too much about it as it was just scratch cards and when I played for the the 1st time I lost all 36 pounds worth and dint win anything. So I didnt play it for another year and when in took a job at another retailer and saw that it was available there and i thought why not give it a try and I did, worst decision of my life. I would win a few 10’s here and there and once I bought 5 and I won £2 and I had one left over and I gave up and decided to give it back and get a refund and then I go back on that thought and scratch it and that had my 1st £100 and I still remeber it clearly. I have my uncontrolable urge and the Elamnite community to thank for loosing that job, I once had an argument with a Manager and he’d shouted at me and talked me down like some child and left and so I was left witha snake like person called Ravi, his real name something else, and I served myself with scratch carda but I wasnt in control and I could shout and swear at me but I couldnt stop me from doing it. And the next day i came back to work the manager, also a snake like peroson, tells me that there will be three people on shift so i need to be more active, hey asshole if youre reading this then I was more tentive and more responsible than you prick self and Ravi the snake. However that was a like and they had another moronic manager who dont know shit come in and investigate me scratching and they accoused me of stealing a scratch card and the one they accused me of was worth £1 and the ones I play were all a higher value, anyway I apealled against it but everyone that came to hear it always backed him. I really should’nt scrtch anymore i decided but habbits die hard.

I went back to it after a long while and won £500 twice and they are the best I’ve ever won and I dont do that anymore as I have a mortgage to pay for and a few bills.

OD, overdraft charges before me leraning to manage my money, sort of,  I was getting charged a lot of money each and everyday from my bank which iI was with sine the begining, and I so left them and beofre with them i would pay 30 pounds per transaction and 5 per day plus other charges and i never got a songle penny refunnded back to me, ever.

I would somtimes pay to top up the electric meter and spend £40 per month.

Here comes the shark, the Seettu, my mother saw that i was spending a everything and had nothing to my name said that I should join one and i was paired with my cousin to take part. If you dont know what that is then watch Dear Alyne.

I Have taken part in three of these and I have used this to buy my flat if I havent then I’d still be in my bedroom in my parent’s place.

Wife, hmm biggest waste of my time, money and energy. The divorce was a a releif but it also cost me a little less than keeping her. Not to mentin her compulsive liyng and not answering the calls for months on end and the Disrespect, but hey at least it’s over for now….well i think…hopefully i dont have to see her….EVER again….but there are worse people in my life just around the corner.

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