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I know I have lost.

What’s worse is that I have lost the very foundation that i stood on since I was a child.

My father is now one of you, an Elamnite.

And so are all of the people I have ever known and loved and adored.

That’s not sunk in yet as I’m still in disbelief of my unbelievable situation.

Wouldn’t you be. Let me tell you why.

The dreams are just that dreams, but I’m also lucky in that sense because I have seen gods and the infinite being as well as notable deity’s and their habits of torture and mercy.

I have loved, truly and deeply and definitely madly, i have many times cried myself to sleep you know. But it turned out to be a girl playing, I’ll proove it when I get a chance, saying that i don’t think I need to, because it only matters to me not to you.

I have been continually sexualy abused and it maybe how things are in your community but not the way I was raised. It was frowned upon to be fair. And i don’t appreciate people sticking their their Private parts i my mouth or between my legs for that matter. One its disgusting, to me, and two it tastes foul and three its painful between my legs.

I saw father and my mother as well as my siblings with power, its great it means they won’t be abused, at least it’s my opinion or they will know what’s happening around them, unlike me i have no idea where I am at any given time whats worse is that I don’t even know if I’m wearing clothes.

It’s great they have power but at the same time i feel abandoned and left hung out to dry.

Do you know how it feels to grasp what it feels like to know when everything and everyone you’ve ever known and trusted in all my life is a LIE. I’ve yet to fully grasp that notion but when I do i don’t think I can recover.

All this for a whore, a rapist, a snake and a mass murderer.

And i came to stop and end the suffering, it seems i can’t wiggle my way out of this one.

I also know the parasite can be removed by an Elamnite but none of them i mean no one will ever do it.

I have been continually murdered and when I get a chance at living, when he’s been living it up for 700 million years+ i get trapped in and whatever’s coming my way diverted to other Shitbags.

I’ll tell you now whatever’s diverted to others may stay that way, as lost as i don’t want what wasn’t. I don’t want it back anyone of them.

Stop taking my things from me that bloom inside, you’ll loose it all if you’re not careful.

Like in the new Pokémon games where you shake the berry tree for berries and you do it too many times and a Pokémon falls out and takes all of the berries and just like that carefully take some and at least leave a few or even one on me, its for your own good.

Oh you will betray yourself just like i will myself.

#Braindead #Destroyed #abuse #Brahma #dreaming #destruction #Enforceddissaperances #Discrimination #betrayal #Equality #Breathtakingbeauty #Dickhead #Disgusting #Elamnite #Elamnites

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