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Brahma Played a Game…and He Lost

The Hindu pantheon’s god of creation played a game against himself and lost miserably. He was born into a family that was not even a working class family and somehow made himself and his family to the ruling class and one of the unknown and feared family’s across the globe.

The story begins a 750k years ago when Shiva one of the 3, the Destroyer, committed a mistake of doing something stupid like allowing Ganges on to his  matted hair and so that she may flow smoothly on to the earth and wash away all the sins of all those who bathe in her and because she has not the capacity to destroy the sins but to take them and she did take them and she put them onto the head of Shiva and eventually he ended up in Hell as he was cover, not covered but under a mountain of sins of men. And because he meditates for years and sometimes Melania’s at no end she had no idea and this one was to last so many years, how ever this was just one Shiva, The MahaShiva produces Clones or copies of it self if you will and there are thousands of him and only one, a major one was sent to hell and this did not set well with his wife Mrs Parvathi, or Shakthi to most. Because they are born as humans every few hundred years or so so that they may live together and have a happy material life and also produce a new and enlightened sages and philosophy, maybe that’s the other guy Vishnu, anyway the destroyer is on the other hand capable of creation, protection and dissolution all in one so you can see why he maybe a threat. So this was thought out much before the event of the Ganges coming to earth or it could have happened when the opportunity arose. Brahma and Ganga were working hand in hand to split the family appart, because Shiva was more powerful than Brahma or Vishnu and also his offspring’s did not respect Brahma and have insulted him on numerous occasions and also Shiva cut of Brahma’s 5th head for him being himself and not showing respect, i must point out that the insults happened to Brahma were when Shivas Children were infants and also when Brahma was also an infant. 

The Ganges was eventually captured and held captive and as well as the Manu, look it up for meanings and deeper understandings, who plotted or took advantage of the situation. So Parvathi took the Manu hostage and then forced him to create a race of humans that resemble Shivas radiance among other things and they have been ruling the earth with the help of two or more of the worlds Intelligence services, definitely more than two. They are funded and supported and recently they have organised themselves more lethally and have some orders from Parvathi and also Hitler is their boss, i saved his life by going back in time and dragging his wounded and trapped body from his bunker. And i don’t know where he went after that, the last i saw him was in a wheel chair and being pushed by one of the children he raised as his own. The some of the children are of all of the same father, Shiva, yes he’s trapped in hell but Vishnu can crate an avatar of Shiva out of himself by penance and pure devotion and when there is a great need and Shiva is indisposed. And so to add more authenticity to this Shivas penis is also given to Vishnu so that he may impregnate women of this sect that have lived over hundreds of years, not the women who are hundreds of years but the sect, from time to time sects have come into being and have perished to one reason or another but this one is supported and guarded by the most power goddess next to the mother goddess who’s also the same being.They live in caves and have adapted to that environment and they also live outside of the caves and have well powers. There are four main sons that work together and i don’t know their names and they are the sons that was born not long ago lets say 28 or so years.

So Parvathi having being born every hundred or so years or so over the past 750k years have waited in many forms and have gotten stood up if you will, however this was unwillingly by his part he would never abandon his love like this but he was unaware of the situation and or the cause so when Ganga asked to save her because her life is about to end on the world and she is about to be sent to hell for all of the accumulated sins he obviously said yes and came to help her and unfortunately she had other ideas along with her cohorts she opted to enshrine her savior in hell further more so that he would not be coming and meddling in their affairs. So Shiva still has no clue as to who sent him to hell and why and is waiting for the right time to lend and hand to her and stop her from going to hell. The one here on earth is a Jyotirlinga. This Shiva is usually happy and with and without a partner as she is one in the same with him, he gives her half of his body. However this raises another question why did she not use this same body thing to find out where her husband was before and why was she waiting all these years without doing nothing.

Parvathi has now captured the Manu and Ganga responsible for the condition of her husband and is keeping them prisoner and i wonder what else she has in mind. She has an Army capable of decimating human kind and all that was created by the Manu and she has the power over Ganga which allows her to control her actions so she can wash away all her sins and what about her husband, he wont just stand by while she decimates his father creations and just because he made few mistakes and also Vishnu who is the preserver of all living beings. However taking on her directly is not the wisest choice she was created by them and created all of them so this is not something you call piss easy also she was the one who suffered most her husband cannot feel anything when in his transcendental mode so it was only her who suffered and only she must be freed along with her husband who lent himself to a good cause and got screwed. The only people that needs to suffer is the Ganga and the Manu and his Boss for their arrogance and their deceit to those whom trusted them, betraying someones trust is not very morally high for someone as these two beings.

The punishment meted out to Brahma was he looses hi right of creation to Shiva and the Ganga will walk free for a short time before being put down. Also did i mention that Brahma will loose his tongue for lying and cursing Shivas family.

So the current story goes like this Shiva is born and a Vishnu is born to him and from a Vishnu Brahma is born and to that Brahma the Shiva is born do you understand the cycle. And this all go back in time and so that they are all just a few years apart from each other Brahma being the youngest and Shiva the Oldest and Vishnu in the middle respectively. Shiva and Vishnu is sent far away because Brahma cheats by overpowering Shivas mind for a wile and pretending to be Shiva however Shiva soon recovers and resurfaces and takes his body back. Noe Vishnu is captured fighting for a Gorilla Group claiming Independence from a Government that’s discriminated for over hundreds of years and is about to be executed soon, lets leave him there or not. So Shiva has another disadvantage as his body is stolen and falsely imprisoned and tortured while his consciousness languishes in an-others body. So Brahma has a major advantage he has a device that was constructed by a Shiva to see the future so that mankind may know and help them selves when a natural disaster happens but that’s now used to see into the future of certain individuals and alter them for his own purpose not only that hes abusing his immortal form’s power by helping himself on the mortal plain.

When a God enters this realm they are bound by the laws of all mortals and they must not help them selves by using their godly powers and this time he broke the rules and helped himself with his all seeing eyes and influence over some men and promising material good and heaven, but the other two have not because they don’t know what is happening all they know is that they are here stop stop and Apocalypse which Brahma made just to get them both here at the same time, the Apocalypse is on schedule in the next few years. Although this will happen if they are not reunited and or if Parvathi is not consoled, i doubt she will listen, and Shiva is back with her. And because Brahma is the father of all of the current Cycle of creation he cannot be hurt, because hurting your father is a sin and he is a god and one of the Trimurti.

So Brahma tortures Shivas body and humiliates him and destroys all prospects of a family life with anyone else, this he does on his own and also on the request of Shivas wife, or former wife Parvathi who also took birth, and she may want to keep him from leaving or she may want revenge for standing her up, she should know better as she chose him and not the other way around and this was not fair on him at all. And this continued for quite a few year’s after Shiva’s realization of whats happening to him and when he got his body back he decided to look for his brother Vishnu, Vishnu took many form this lifetime i can count 4, one was his brother two his sons and one was Ganga’s father. And so he left and when he knew the where about of his brother he tried but to get help as he was not liked at all as his reputation was in tatters.

So after sending someone to retrieve his brother, tell you later as to how, he was in trouble some more and was exiled by the local court for “his” behavior and so he found himself hunted and chased by a bunch of worthless morons and because his “wife”, or rather she was married to someone else, had sucked his powers dry and also she made him a little vulnerable, by removing some crucial organs and replacing them this means that they weren’t doing what they would have if it were his, most of his body’s focus was on the repair of the new organs as they were kinda damages, yes he could heal very quickly. And eventually some people stumbled on some secrets and how everything happened and he had his name cleared and he able to return. He stayed a  short while and then left again, constantly moving from place to place as he was found and found over and over again by the scums. So once he returned to have revenge and ended up having a child and that child was to replace the current Brahma and remove his powers as he was corrupted and this new baby was an uncorrupted version of him. He the formed a group dedicated to fighting for the unable, a charity and helped anonymously otherwise there would be more chaos. Eventually he was able to get some help form an unlikely person and was set free and because he was unsuspecting they used him to kick out Parvathi from the Country and he raised his son well into his slate 50’s and left at 53.

Sorry it’s not that detailed but i’m tired from all the typing.

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