Bred for Slaughter…

Bred for Slaughter, the title is concerning animals, although they are more like us than you can imagine.

Even before I was born I was targeted for murder in the most heinous way possible.

I was born as a means of sexual assault, Rape, on my biological mother and in it happened in and around 1985-1986 or perhaps earlier, I don’t have all the info about my birth.

When this happened I don’t think abortion was on her mind at that time but I wouldn’t have minded that now in my circumstances.

She was in love with another man whom she left or he left, he then later fostered another boy from another woman and now they are together I think. My mother had another boy from another man.

When I was a baby my mother must’ve hated me for being born but she didn’t harm me in any way, but she did put me in a basket and sent me off a waterfall, so her hand were clean and that nature will do the rest for me.

I didn’t die…unfortunately, i was saved by a man from the future and also at the time of him taking out of the basket the 1st lover of my mother came and I don’t know what happened.

I was then, from where ever this happened, taken to Sri Lanka and given to a young Tamil family who was just about to give birth to their 1st child, a girl, and so the father of the female fetus, after she was born, swapped her with me and this man then took her to the UK where she would be raised by my original Mothers family and she is now happily married, I think.

I was celebrated by my adopted family as the father was the second child and his brother before he had died of a brain tumour in France. Because I was a male child the great-grandmother apparently had made a wish and well it came true somehow.

When I was a couple of months old the Biological father came and killed me and when he didn’t get what he wanted he would turn back the clock and then he’d kill me again. The time between each murder is 53 years and when he reversed or sent himself back in time and this he did for a continuation of a total of 700 million and he still hadn’t got what he wanted from murdering my body.

So he and his then-wife devised a new plan, her idea, it was to let me live but control every aspect of my life choices and actions through manipulations of the mind and input of commands into my mind. And to make matters worse they lured me into a honey trap at the age of 15 or 16 using his wife’s younger self and what trap it was I’m still trapped in it but I have a loathing for that’s damaging my internal organs.

He then used his younger self to use and marry one person that was soo deceitful and scheming and the embodiment of hatred towards me, an ex-wife from another lifetime but this time she was more into cocks and well, she had robbed me of my own and he was fucking almost every hour. And all he wanted was a use and throw good enough to destroy me and my life and mess up anysort of another future in another lifetime.

I can see my future when i sleep. I can focus and influence myself on matters that have happened in this lifetime and also get knowledge of the future I.E if it’s dystopian or Utopian future or anything like that. This was and is still used against me by a prasitical being which i call the Inbread. All it does is goes into my future and takes over my concious and either kills someone or rapes someone or even worse sets off on a mass-murdering rampage in my body. As i’m in sleep state i am unable to think when i’m asleep and therefore the parasite is using that for his advantage.

I’m controlled by many people. One of them stole my eyes when i was sleeping in my room, shes the Ex’s fat younger sister and then she left me with someone elses eyes and i only now see what they show me if they choose to keep or block my vision in some way then i cant do anything about it. I have lost many opertunity’s because of this piece of shit, like not seeing what i’m wearing or if i’m wearing anything at all. All of the females that are intrested in me are always always set up with someone else by this parasite and his masters. Sometimes i wonder if there its worth thier time to do this, i’ve seen the future and they’re all on top of things while i sit there naked and the being which i came to help is laughing at me and the parasite is aiming for my neck ready to chop it off.

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