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Bred for slaughter part 2

The animal which is targeting me is a human capable of changing into a ginger cat, he’s not the only one.

There’s lots black cats, some Crows, some species of dogs and a lion as well as other people capable of transformation into other animals.

The ginger cat, shall we call him pot of shit, is the main problem for me in the future lifes that i may live.

What he does is invade my visions of the future life and posses my body and by doing this he makes me commit crimes against my people and the public in general.

Before I was able to hold him off but now that he’s gotten stronger and also I’ve been weakend and my mind rarely sleeps because of this threat of destruction of all of the future lifes.

The next 21 years will be hell for-sure, why because I’m fighting or better put is I’m being brought from my country after being bred forcibly. I have had my education spoiled by the pot of shit and the guy who advises him not to mention various abilities have been harvested from my brain.

The various things that have been robbed are in order of theft.

  1. My mothers love, they made her throw me away because I would be safer, she thougt with my new family.

  2. My powers, if I had them i would have changed the world for the better, it was sucked out me when I was just around six or seven months old by the crows father.

  3. My artist capabilities, when I was in year three in Sri Lanka or occupied Tamil Eelam, i drew beautiful picture of a coconut tree and my adopted mother didn’t believe me at all, and in within a week the crow came with her friend took it off me.

  4. My brother, we share a mum but not the father. He was also sent away however he ended up in an orphanage in the control of the LTTE. I saw him once in a school when we were displaced into the vanni. And afterwards we left and i saw an image of him being executed by state troops along with other at the final stages of the war with other fighters in 2009 may.

  5. My good freinds, i had three male and two female friends in Switzerland but I was forced to move away without even informing them to the animals country.

  6. My virginity i was also raped by the crow woman in swiss but I was taken over by a being, my conscience was suppressed and they used my babysitter and my body their dirty work.

  7. For a moment i was able to dance and they too was harvested

  8. Then they took my ability to recognize anyone that was near me, i mean if you had not said you name to me i would know naturally this was stolen by an old woman, hope she’s dead and burning in hell.

  9. Then my eyes. They were robbed by the crows sister while I was still in my teens and also while I was sleeping.

  10. My penis was next. This happened on the second time i was masturbating because I didn’t have my eyes they had put in place something they can modify like make me see what they wanted and also stop me from seeing certain things as well as people. It was used to bred brings that served their purpose. Because I don’t have genitalls i don’t feel anything in that area.

  11. Then my body, i was lured into a false opertunity of getting help in the form of someone who could help me with this things. I went to their house by a taxi and knocked on the door none answered, so I left disappointed but I felt different its because there was someone else that had transferd my conscience into their body and then they led me to the town centre all this happened while a projection if my nude body was in display for all to see. I still don’t know where I am so I could still be trapped in that person or persons.

  12. My adopted family has been ripped appart for adopting me and the women have been made to fight each other and like the animal community the men have been replaced or have been hunted to the ends of despair and have been forced to separate not to mention the torture.

  13. The people of my country have been forced to leave and most have been hunted to their death, its the lucky ones that died but unlucky ones are those still that have no answer as of yet.

  14. Oh and the sheer number of lovers i could have had have all been diverted towards pigs and assholes just because the man behind this all cannot get enough of torturing me.

My end comes in the form of the being i initially came to aid as a brother but he will oversee my execution in the hands of the pot of shit.

This will take me all the way into a hell, I’ve seen this in my visions, into somewhere i cannot fly away or swim away or even eat anything.

All this because I have had the collective sins of the people that have lived for the last few billion years dumped in me by a girl i thought was in love with me and I with her.

I’m a great beliver in karma so hopefully i will get to repay them all in full for the trip to hell sometime in the future hopefully not all at once I want to have the same fun as them, although forsee me forgiveing them to my utter disappointment, but hey its soo far away i can still dig their heart out.

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