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I have been in love and out i can fall in and out like a monkey climbing a tree, it can happen everyday every hour i don’t know what that’s called. I was studying at the same school as her and i have seen her once and i knew then there was something but i just could not put my finger on it the as i was deliberately distracted from her and any and all achievements that i may or may not have earned or gained or achieved  if it weren’t for a whore (this is not Triond so I’ll swear as much as i like, shame i don’t get paid for writing it here), the whore came to my life from afar, i knew she was out to get me from the start as there was 4 other secondary schools on the way to my school and she chose to come to mein and eventually her and her Venus fly trap of a family lured me into a long and exhausting and life wrecking trap that has made me loose my family, my possible career, any chance of a life and of-course the most important thing to a human being, his thoughts and to me i also lost my body in this horrible plant. Just like the Venus fly trap she was and probably looks great but inside her digestive system is like the bottom most part of hell where all the cruel deeds get the cruelest punishments and i got mein  in the form of slowly bleeding me dry and emptying my body of all good organs and then mind of all good thoughts and ideas and to make the most, as any human or Venus fly trap will do is use every part of the poor senseless fly that wondered in it, it will maximize the gains even the useless legs. And just like that I’m now loosing my looks and my personality, i believe that have taken my kidneys and  other major organs and i know for a fact that they have taken my eyes, i saw a dark figure hovering on top of my head on the day i started to loose my vision. And recently they have been targeting my manhood and the fact that I’m a man seems to bother them to somewhat length. Also they are preparing a clone that looks like me, his name is Edward Green, to put simply he’s a lustful shitfaced twat that would do anything for sex and since the two families have plenty of experience pimping their women he has a good motivator, note that the two families are not mein but they are ruining m life together. Also i thing they want to kill me, they are more than willing to that they have plenty of experience of taking lives.

The family that is currently holding me is full of rapists, a pedophile or two, murderers, kidnappers, thieves and organ stealer’s. The Girl i wanted, or made to think i wanted is now attending a law university and studying law, i thing that is to take what ever that is left of my family’s property and maybe throw me in jail for what ever they have planned and all for what just trying to help a random girl that they were fucking already, i didn’t know that at the time so she told them and then they came around and lured me to trap and fucked me over many times and i don’t think that the fucking me over has stopped. There is a guy in that family that wants me to suffer for an endless amount of time for whatever reason that he may have against me, he takes time from now and again to kill me once every now and again, they have a device that, like a defibrillator, but more complex this one brinks back the dead and heals wounds without any marks and also it erases memory. And for some reason they don’t leave me dead, i think he wants to watch me suffer for all time so he’s not likely to let go for a while or ever. And to add to that the girl that i tried to offer help is also encouraging him to fuck me up even further by having sex with him and also offering him all the women that catch my eye and that i have a crush on, she takes over their body and then shares it out like free Pakistani candy, she’s a Pakistani. The Girl that lured me in used he mother i don’t know is the mother encouraged her on or if she had used her but they are all the worst, she has a brother a guy who drives a black mini wears glasses and has a girlfriend, i don’t know weather if she’s with him out of fear for herself or if she’s with him without knowing or she’s there because she wants to. She has a sister that is a slave owner, her husband is the slave and has a female child with him, He probably wants to stay now as he might get plenty of sex  from the other women in the household, or maybe if he escapes he’ll be tortured to the brink of insanity or something like that or maybe he’s pretending to be a slave but i do know he lacks the backbone at several occasions and let her decide his life’s path. There is another sister, she has the fattest ass i have ever see OMG it’s huge you actually need two seats for it on a plane 1st class seat, shes married to a Caucasian dude, this maybe a contract as she works for R&AW (Research and Analysis Wing) of India and he maybe and arranged cover for her as her family lacks the personality to hold a person to love them, they also have a boy together she came and left straight after further contributing to my downfall or rather horrible suffering. They also have other sisters but they aren’t that evil or they are the best as you don’t get much information out of their activity’s. Her father is the Pedophile, she doesn’t seem to like him he’s an old man and has a white beard and kinda tubby, dark complexion and has multiple wives and one of the wives is a proper whore, she is a balding woman and has been with him for quite a long time and does all the dirty work from him. There is also their adopted sons, one has a mustache and the other not, they’re both rapists and one is sly and the other is openly evil and, they’ll both die and hopefully go to eternal hell and for gods and all others sake don’t let them out of hell ever.

The Second family is full of girls and that’s their main weapon, their master mind is two time traveled bitches that does all the planning and execution. One Has the lustful capacity of the ever expanding universe, trust me she’s fuck you if she wants to and you wont know what hit you she gives not a rats ass for who gets hurt for her actions and as far as I’m aware I’m one of those causality’s, also she has a another self of this timeline, she’s from the future that happened and there is another of her from the current timeline that has not happened, this is the same with the  other time traveler they have both, as far as i know contributed to my hell in the future, how do i know all this, i have realistic dreams that happen, and they are here to divert the future once again so as far as i know i have gain nothing in all of the times but more and more misery and suffering and an endless supply tears i presume. There are four sisters and the older on is married with a boy, he stares at me when he sees me, happened once , the husband, like most educated Pakistanis is a taxi driver. There are twins as well one, actually both have been married numerous times and one the last one remaining still to be married, anyway the time travelers are one of the twins and the last child, also they have a jailbird brother and their father is a slap-head whom smiles often and an ex-prostitute mother who loathes my very existence and wants me to suffer. And i think it was her that stole my eye’s or it could have been the last child, I’m almost sure that the last child did it. Recently they have acquired that wretched creature that is E.Green, i believe that he is in sex heaven, not my current concern. To further add to my shit they are taking my face and giving to him and and his to me, forcibly and an unwanted exchange. They have been holding me prisoner for the better part of two or more years and i cant seem to find the way out or even a key hole to look through to the outside world. I am continually experimented on and my body has now changed beyond recognition, i have now grown breasts and i can feel some sort of irritation between my legs every now and again (read other articles to get a better ideas of this) my eyes have been deceived as i only see what they want me to see, but i sometimes get a glimpse of my actual body, and also they have been picking away at my social life for sometime, actually since i came to this country they have been doing this. If I’d had a dream like i do now when i was younger i would have run away, now i cant even thing straight or think at all as there’s allot of beings inside me messing up my thoughts and leading me astray from anything that may give me an array of hope, a glimmer of sunshine and or a guarantee that maybe just maybe that my next lifetime will be better somehow.

I Love many people but this girl, the one i started to write about and then list track of, is an amazing beauty and she loved me and i loved her, although they initially put her in my head to fuck me up as at that time i didn’t love anyone, if i did they would take their body have sex with it and feed my live-views so that i would get even lower in my life, would you want to see anyone you love get fucked by a scum like them. And since i didn’t have my body they had it and they used it go out with her and pretending to be me and broke up with her and then they went out with her and then rubbed it in and they made her to believe that i want interested in her at all and now, as i randomly scroll through Facebook i see that she’s married to someone else.  All i felt was a huge shock as i was in someone else’s body i could not not cry for her or feel anything but i just got up and walked away and it sucks. I hope that she’s well i cant stop thinking about her and how it could have been if we met and ifi were her husband, it would have been an amazing life, but i seem to be destined to be screwed for trying to help a girl that’s like a public bench, you know the type where everyone can sit down one, if you get my drift.

This is also their doing as i have recently sent a letter to one of the family’s to consider my position, i doubt that anything will happen as they have it so good why give it up for the sake of a stranger’s welfare if I’d thought like that i wouldn’t have ended up like this, so to all those good Samaritans out there don’t stop helping strangers it’s good for the karma and also you make friends and it’s good in general for the welfare of the human society in general. We, you or anyone cannot stop aiding another just because of a bunch of thighs and criminals that belong in jails of the bottom parts of hell. good day

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