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Correspondence to the King Elamnite.

Dear sir/madam

I am a victim of a cruel and well planned set up, but no one cares.

Here’s the main part you need.

You are the King or Queen of this or of any land or continent and as such sovereign, you have duties to those who live in it, whether you like it or not.

1. You can not be just a power-hungry person and ignore every crime that happens just because of those that commit it are your kin.

2. You have a responsibility to every life and as such, you must make sure that they are treated with respect or not but if they want nothing from your lot let them GO.

3. You cannot force your hate on someone for not following your line or towing your line and beliefs. It’s not the dark ages, it’s actually 2020.

4. You must make stand against those in power who manipulate others for their selfish gains.

5. One day you’ll be held accountable and you don’t need this, and you WILL be HELD accountable on Lord YAMA’s court and he doesn’t take blowjobs as a favor.

6. Stop the genocide and the upcoming WW3, it’s all for one mans thirst for blood of those who he deems as to be lower beings(HUMAN). Remember you were us once.

7. When things snap you cant prevent the destruction of your kind, it’s inevitable, read my dreams, it all builds up and eventually, it’ll come to pass everything happens.

8. You may see the future and prevent all of the bad destruction of your kind but one thing you cannot stop is the Stopping of new BIRTH’s. Why do you think Mr. D.M has been reversing time for such a long time as it’s stopped and he can’t figure it out and I know. Even with the crow/raven beside him he won’t be able to do without balance and he only wants to dominate, it’ll always stop always.

Obviously you’ll ignore this but I try and try…sorry as Master Yoda says”DO OR DO NOT, THERE IS NO TRY” so I did and you didn’t hear it, or see it.

I hope this is the last reversal, as I’ve been killed more times than I’ve been born and I can’t imagine a future where I can put up with a cunt in my head telling me to shut my mouth and I don’t want to live forever, whether I win or lose I’d like to perish and pass on.

#lionman #MrO #Narasima #Elamnite #Correspondence #Letter

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