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Dear Mr Elamnite King.

I am forever will be indoubt of what i type and who i talk to, even my family, and specially where i live, work and also what i eat( i’ve always wonder if i’m fed shit or something like that).

I wonder that because even though i seem to live in place and work three jobs i seem to be trapped somewhere in some dipshits body who is a beggar, would’nt put it past your kind to do this kind of stuff.

I would also like to invite you to take the key’s to the appartment off my hand’s as because if i’m begging on the streets it’s fine i can get up and go, i’m resourceful and i have the confidence to levae, with my family(INTACT).

It’s been 15 years now and frankly, i dont want to continue in this maze of lies and deceit, seriously EVERYONE is lying, even the lady claiming to be my mother. I can see it in plain sight, just beacuse that fat bitch stole my eyes i cant see.

If you are that guy who pretended to be my Dr. when i came to see him in year 8 and if you did know the out come why did you send that psycopath of a whore to lure me in.

If i had to count since that time i’d have to count it from 13 years old to 33 years old. thats majority of my life so far wasted because of a pair of dipshit’s that came from the future and told something.

If that were the case then this will certainly lead to that such outcome, when the clock goes back to zero hour.

I dont know what the priciple of such action is called in scientific terms, but Master Ooguay say’s “One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it”.

This can be avoided, but i dont know how, seriously who wants to die 2000 times countinually and so fucking horribly and watch his family get torn appart and then ofcourse the future lifetimes is not exactly a walk in the park either it’s far far worse just for me, Oh and i dont fancy having any fucking offspring either or nor do i fancy sharing a mind with a cunt who at every turn tells me to shut up.

I would like to cut and run but there are five people that wont let me live even in the depth’s of hell(if i were to ever end up there(i dont mind, i’d be a much better place from what i’ve been shown, at least i’ll know where the fuck i am)).

And why i’ve been sent there.

And what happend to me at each and every second of my life so far.

At least the Lady Death and Lord Yama are most loving( i saw them embracing me better my parents). There are still some good.

Oh and come and collect the key’s to the appartment cause i aint paying for someone to rape me and then i’m working and the money goes towards some dipshit to ruin it further. PLEASE and THANK YOU.

#Idcutandrunifiseeaway #Appartment #Keys #lionman #liars #wastedlife #MrO #Narasima #shitfed #masterooguay #eyes #destiny #Jurney #Thankyou #zerohour #dontknowwhatieat #Elamnites

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