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Deprived of all…

Deprived of all things and feelings and senses, all of them…except pain…that I have plenty of.

So I have been Trapped in some people’s minds and bodies and houses.

I don’t see a way out as I don’t have eye’s and even if I did there’s someone that dictated what I see.

The people who are doing this have a special kind of Hell reserved for them because of such depravity and hate towards one set of people.

I have always wondered why I can’t even bring myself hurt someone even though I know to be true that they have hurt and humiliated me and are manipulating me, however, these people can bring themselves to kill without a second of hesitation and remorse and or even at least thinking about mercy.

I have thought through this ordeal and I do not want to be born again to such parents and I would Ideally prefer it if my father or my mother or ideally both of them are unable to produce children ever.

I have thought about forgiving and moving on, but I must be free from torment and they must provide everything they took from me.

The reason I want to forgive but remember these people can do this is not because I’m a saint or FOOL but it’s because I’d rather not carry in my future life this extra luggage of hate and vengeance and revenge I’d love to end it all at the snap the finger’s like Thanos or Ironman.

I have very little options and even little freedom of movement as these people take all of my options away and follow me and watch me sleep and eat and work and travel, It’s like I’m in high-security prison and then to add to it I’m being abused by my cellmate’s and then they take any opportunity of parole and any life outside and any freedom I might have.

Selfish Cunt’s, If someone has feelings for someone else leave them be. If love was true let them be happy don’t rip their opportunity away from them.

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