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Die once…Just once

A person, at the current time period of thinking, Die’s only once(Unless heart attack, I was told that you may die many times during one).

That is not true to me or to the currently living Elamnite’s across the world.

Why because I have often ended my life but I keep coming back and the other is that the king of Milton Keynes is reviving the killed ELamnites and if the assailant is deemed to be a Human I believe either they are subjected to a horrific torture ritual and killed or they are mentally tortured or both, either way, they don’t last very long on this Earth.

I for one ideally would like to end the life of one particular person and just one. I would like to return the last 27 years of torture dished out to me by one Chamber Pot(a name given to a type of pottery that was used to pee and poop from 6th century BC till the 19th century across the world).

I call him that for he has fed me filth and continues to keep locked up and continues to torture me and has been doing this all the while in my head.

No, I’m not crazy or a loon, I see him in different disguises and he can do that by manipulating the light that bounces off each person.

I would not like to kill him as per se but his piece if mind that’s keeping me from thinking for myself.

I know I will but it’s how that has me confused and shell struck.

When he is killed finally he will be taken, no dragged and not by one of Lord Yama’s servants but at least 5 and that type of service is only reserved for the most vile, yes even worse than hitler or someone capable of escaping the Servants and causing havoc on the mortal world.

#GodofDeath #ChamberPot #Satanincarnate #Santanadarma #LordYama #Elamnite #Yama #Elamnites

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