Double standard…

Hello your Highness MK Elamnite King.

I was wondering why the double standards when dealing with my case.

I was, for all purposes, defending myself from continuing aggression from your son and his henchmen and his bitches and your family members.

I want to know why that a scum bag and rapist is allowed to mess up my family and play god in my case and where as I’m having to work three jobs while he is stealing everything that even falls close to me.

I also have another question I would like an answer but don’t need it. It goes like this: if and when I get a chance would you mind if treated all of your kind, i mean Everyone in MK, with the same level of crap and pain they’ve me back to them and put them in cages would they like it?

Anyway I was happy where I was just flying kittes and being fed by my grandparents and great-grandparents and just going about my shit and suddenly your son came and took my life away.

I’ll be sure to repay it in kind, if I don’t then there is a hole he dug for me but in the end he will be in it.

Reap what you sow.

Live and let live.

#Blackpheonix #Elamnite

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