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Dual Citizenship

I have for the last 22 years have thought about returning to Sri Lanka and importantly my home of the Jaffna Province.

I am now in the age of 30-38. This is to help to protect my identity when the TID gets to read my articles and my opinions and that’s what they are MY OPININO’S, and nothing more.

So since I lack professional qualification’s, that matter in Sri Lanka e.g: Doctor, lawyer, engineer or any other professional that can be a merit to society,  but don’t count yourself out just because you drive a TAXI or Cook in a restaurant whey because for obvious reasons and they are that we all need to get somewhere and we all need to definitely eat and something good is always welcome.

I have had more that one expense coming up every time I try to save up for t he Citizenship procedure. However, I always seem to find a way to spend spend and spend a few bits of cash that I have.

Citizensip process infomation for Sri Lanaka

Why you may ask. Why do I want to go back to a hellhole even the Sinhala people are trying to flee from.

Well because I have never felt freedom as I have done in my village and I have never felt the closeness of the people around me as I did when I was back home.

Yes I am dreaming up a fantasy you may say but I love it, it’s freedom and I may not get the freedom of movement but I do feel that my soul is at peace when I’m home back in my mothers ancestral home and sleeping under the night sky as I had done when I was a young boy and staring at the night sky, it’s heavenly. By far.

This is what my soul craves like an addict craving for his/her fix of their elixir so that they may carry on.

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