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Elamnite’s are NOT god’s

The Elamnite community has been, for over the life of this universe, has been pretendting to be Demi-Gods and representetives of the Human race and it’s master.

They believe that they are entitled to any and all human life and to do as they please.

So total entitlement over ALL LIFE!

That’s not the case.

They DO NOT have right’s over our lives and we have the rights to our life.

What we bring with us when we are born is our to use and anyone who steals our lively hoods and sends us to prison in their minds and make us look like criminals should be executed without mercy, only after they have sufferd at our hands fully and they regret ever taking us for granted and abusing us. This mean’s you Mod.

On the contrary to popular belief that Humans are inherently evil in nature and that they are abusers and dont respect nature is a lie; This lie is what keeps us down bellow and under their feet.

Have you ever wonderd who on this planet came up with the idea of eating meat?

It was an Elamnite back in the begining of the civilization when he/she was in an animal form they chose to eat their kin, out of hate and pure evil intent.

The division myth.

There is a hindu belief that there is The Devas and The Asura’s.

That is bull crap; there is actually just one group of people and theis is called Elamnites and they chose to pretend as god’s and deities.

Currently there is only one kind of these are around now; the asuras

What’s the ultimate goal of every Elamnite?

To be worshiped.

That feeds their ego quite well actually. And all of the worlds religions were created by them, evev scientology…otherwise why would a dissproportinatley large celebrity’s subscribe to that notion of space God’s…power over the Cattles (humans)

#rippedoff #Stolen #lies #Life #Elamnites #theworldisalie

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