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Elamnites-Leache’s of the Human race

The Elamnite community around the world is the worst thing to happen to any human that has ever been alive.


Because they have the ability to read people’s minds and their thoughts and their dreams and take control of the bodies and their minds and they are capable of manipulating anyone’s mind and thought process and put ideas into their heads.

Recently I came across a two group family and others that co-operate with them and they have ruined everyone I knew’s life and the community I hail from have been completely decimated and most of their guards have been killed and or eaten alive or are in rape camps.

A little example when I was in year 3 could draw like no-one in my class and most of the people didn’t believe me when I did draw and then I saw Janzah it was gone the next second.

How can someone steal someone’s talent? good question.

let me answer that, there is a technology that’s available to them that is able to remove certain types or certain pathways created in the brain for certain qualities in humans that they disable and then they replicate it in their brain. Like an organ transplant but for talents and skills alike.

Take me, for example, I could have been a great artist or just draw for the heck of it but that snake took it away for her self or for someone else. I also have been practising and concentrating on writing music and that too has been removed the next second and so was a dance move that came spontaneously that too went on the next step. There may have been more but the worst is them stealing my dreams and are continuing to do so even to this day.

What’s worse is that they are using me to further their own agendas and rape culture, being what they are are they it fitt’s them perfectly well.

They have me trapped inside one of their bodies and I feel the strangest sensations ever second of the day I’m alive, for example, I am for all purposes a born MALE of the human species, nope I grew up to be this man, ever since 2009 I have had this sensation of kind of like a sticky substance between my legs like that I have a vagina or something I don’t know I’m not a woman but I know Janzah stole my penis on the second day I masturbated and it was done with the help of an Inbred person.

What I want to know is what kind of sad person would hate themselves that much they have to steal someone’s penis so that they can control them or become the person they hated most and to imitate them would be like keeping a curse on your soul deliberately each and every day of your waking and sleeping time for all time.

They are using me as a paddy field of talents and wealth and once it shows any sign of budding them they harvest and I’m left with a burning desire to end their lives or better yet I’ll let Karma give them what they deserve, but the thought of doing to them what they did to me is rather enticing.

They also make them look like the victims and me the perpetrator of crimes that are inconceivable by my thought pattern, but not impossible.

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