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So the movie by that name is good enough to draw a picture of this story.

You can buy it from eBay or amazon.

Here goes….

When I was in year 10 i saw a girl and she was beautiful and i didn’t know then that her beauty would be equally matched by the poison in her heart.

The 1st time i saw her my eyes were bad or so I thought and still i have trouble seeing people, or better put, if someone has feelings towards me they’ll be blurry and I only came to the realisation of this 6 years later.

I started my name 1st job and during june july times on a weekend (the only time I worked in the beginning) her and her mother or so I think came and bought a 10 dollars worth of goods and she stayed outside. Her mother while paying for the goods asked me if I will marry her daughter, so I saw her outside and i was kinda crazy ( its only gotten worse, my crazy that is) so a beaming smile lit up my face and stretched from ear to ear and before I could piece together a yes she immediately left and i was living in fantasy land for the next three years.

The shock. I failed almost all of my subjects and passes the favourite two maths and science with the best marks i could get for my allotted group. I blame my peers they were all having intercourse and i was the only virgin in my class but I didn’t want to just use her for that i wanted to hold hands and all that shit. So I left high school with a diploma in IT and continued the part time work. And one day she is siting in a passenger seat with a guy. So my natural assumptions were she had a boyfriend and that she had thrown away the feeling (s) she had for me. Anyway I was soo pissed off and felt stabbed in the back but it was a good thing.

So she if she wanted to could have sneked away and i would still be none the wiser, thank God, she chose to rub it in. So I went home that night and lashed out at some friends and wrote some things and id told her how i felt, it was to close the subject and i poured my heart out to her and that was that i would move on a week later.

It was easy because we never spoke face to face it was unspoken love, on my part. But her….Read on.

I had told the manager i was quiting the job and then in my last month of work the psychopath drives in and smiles and well like they say in old stories you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and this dog fell for it, thinking about it now i should’ve ran for it after i saw her with another guy.

I tried to talk but it never worked out and one day she responded and thank fuck for that, she turned out to be a chav and i had not wanted such person in my life.

So I left for a function and that was reason enough for her to find another guy and this time she went all the way to rib salt to the wound.

I finally snapped and quit and looking back now it was a horrible phase in my life but I thought me many lessons.

I had a dream that someone i had random feelings for was in trouble and this turned out to be just that dream. So I avoided the 1st few dreams and left the country and went to Germany looking to start a new life a new love. However the dreams were persistent and so I got on the plane and came to tell the girl and i did and she got her manager involved saying i was harassing her. All i said on the letter this person is bad for you( yes, its not my place but I couldn’t keep it going on further, the dream that is).

One day the psychopaths cousin appears in my vision of my mind and offers to teach how to do things and i should have put one and one together but I was naive and i fel into a bottomless Pitt of misery and it’s only getting worse.

He and his cousins stole my body parts and subjected me to humiliating tortures and it will continue until I die or my mind is destroyed completly because I can’t kill him he’s special and even if I do out of a raging fit he’d be revived and just for telling on him because of my dreams he’s put me through hell think what he’ll do if I kill him.

I also have a being subjecting me to sexual abuse and torture. He takes orders from her both of the women are in cohorts with each other. And they pay the abuser with manipulated women.

To end this i would like to say that the girl i 1st met recently said to me that she was just distracting me and to lure me into their trap with her charms and that there was never any love. Just imagine how much poison was in her heart and why would anyone want to do that to some random teenager and all because they wanted some sick pleasure.

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