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Ever thought about it.

Your Highness of Milton Keynes i would like to humbly request that you and all those involved in my imprisonment to cross dress.


Well its that i come from a people that face their enemys face to face and not life them with a woman or through manipulation.

And if they were to do this then would be considered as spineless worms and parasites since you have mastered this art of deceit and cloak and dagger you should consider the option of a saree or in your case just shave off your mustache and wear a fucking thong you prick.

If are a man then poove it I that bold bastard claims to be my family then take it out with him if you dare, also if you have a problem with a person you go after them not their claimed child or spouse, but then again you have no nalla just like mine were stolen by that bitch.

Written by my EG And ideas provided by his accomplices.

#timemachine #wornoutsoul #suicide #theallseeingeye #Theft #suffocating #Tired #thedissapointment #TheRoadtoHell #Yama #Elamnites

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