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Explore yourself….Openmindedness

That title sounds like you have to find your inner self and discover your true purpose but it really is’nt.

When i say explore thy self i mean explore your body and it’s limits.

Go and find another soul that has the same intrest in things as you have, like for instance you may like politics or gardening or a combination of this or something else altogeather different to what i’m saying on this topic but it’s your life and it’s your choice( it’s all an illusion but what can we do just pretend to be in control, we’re all pupets of the greater being who exsists outside of the Universe).

Choice is and illusion created by the maya of god and he/she or it or they are in control of our destiny but would’nt that make FREE WILL non-exsistant. No it would’nt well you see the way i see the future and presnet as well as the past are all influenced by the actions you took in your previous life and these are the consequnces of them all.

If you are rich then at one point or another you must’ve been a hardworker and that you must have also been at the bottom of the foodchain in terms of speaking in as a human like a low class or a beggar or you got blessed by the goddess of wealth.

If you are nice specially too nice then you have spent at considerable time in hell or perhaps you have caused the people taking advanatge of you great harm or you are just a victim of a curse.

So if you are nasty then you were screwed over many times by people and that you‘re here for revenge against them. The following is very true in every sense of this saying:”All souls who suffer or are made to suffer by another being either animal or human or even demigods(if you believe in them or not) have the right and to revenge and vengeance as well as the chance to forgive and move on it depends on the state of the soul and how much they have suffered if the soul is generous and have seen what the causer has to go through, and they choose to forgive them then they will be given a good place in the abode of god but if you choose revenge over this then that’s also good it‘s every soul right and good or others who have the capacity to judge your action will be rather lenient.”

So don’t go and kill people that have been mean to you they’re probably getting back at you for messing their life up one lifetime or another.

Back to explore thyself. If you want an addrenaline rush then take up bungee jumping see how long you can jump if you hate heights like me then go climb the tallest building or go even higher like scaling Mount Everest.

Break your limit and Do something crazy  but please wear some protective gear if you can. And also if you are going to test your capabilities of recovery as a human and jump off a building then please donate your organs and Body for resech and for the Advancement of medicine as well as the new and upcoming doctors.

My only desire at this point in life is to donate blood to the blood bank, however because I’m on anti-phsycotic drugs so that kinda made me unable to give blood to anyone even save some for later use for myself. If you do choose to give blood and you’re worried about any infections dont worry they’ll find out when run test on the sample and let you know about it.

Also please try to suround yourself people that inspire you and not take advantage of your skills it should be beneficial for you and for the betterment of mankind, if you want that is, but it’s always god to give if you want to.

If someone trying to influence your decision to suit their needs then step away from them if it’s a boss or colleague who take advantage of your humble atitude and makes you his/her private property then leave that place.

There’s a saying “IF you see some bad stay well away from them”. I think most of you have herd this when you were a child, however there are some of you that are willing to put that bad person in place and if you feel thats you then try being a police officer.

Also not all Blacks are Criminals and not all Brown Muslims are Terror suspects and not all Caucasians are Good nature people.

So always Keep an open mind the people who are doing this have their reason either they got their info wrong or they are being fed bullcrap or they are Just dicks plain and simple.

Real life is a Funny thing it can turn a lover you hold closely into someone you’d love to drag to and imprison in hell in eternal damnation and it can turn the Village indiot into a the president of the USA.

So always keep an open mind about everyone. Everyone..

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