Forgive but do NOT ever forget…

I dont want anything to do with your family and as such I dont want to leave my body in your care either…Anyway…

I will forgive but, is it nessasary, I am Just a cog and I understand that I will be the last one standing if I ever choose to stop myself or push the other one out for his crimes, who Am I to judge, I say that because there will be another person soon.

Give or take 119987 AD or somewhere around that era.

Shame I wanted to create something that rivalled the “western Civilization” although we’re on the same plant yet they call us “third World”….hmmmmmm.

I AM not prepared to fogive but I would like to move away, but without the pice of shit that keeps on humiliating me, you wont remove his powers, and if by chance you do the whore from the A clan will likely to give it to him or someone else.

Even if that dont happen There is somenone else who will stop all this from happening.

He’s the you saw coming out of my, then body, when you were in the animal form, He is dangerous but you already knew that, he will bait us all andd he will lead to the demise of all life and I will probably be left to fend for myself.

Read these words carfully.

I dont want to touch your son/daughter or anyone for that matter, i’m already headed for hell and as such i’d really like to shorten the time i spend there.

please and thank you.

I do this because I do not want waste luggae when i’m travelling in the underworld. If you must know

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