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From Tamil to Sinhala

Since the war ended in Sri Lanka in 2009 there have been numerous steps taken by the genocidal government of Sri Lanka to destroy what remains of Tamils property and their identity, namely the places they live in now this has sped up a little and the treat that the Tamils face is astounding. The Government has come up with 89 names of Tamils villages and towns and islands and places and places if importance to be renamed into Sinhala names and i don’t see any reason than to antagonize and alienate the Tamils further into the corner and push the country into another 30+ years of civil war. This was one of the main reasons behind the uprising of the LTTE and other militant organizations in the country.  According to the list published the places include some of the prominent and historical sites such as Vattukottai would be named as Pattakotta, Point Pedro – Pedurutotuwa, Nayinatheevu- Nagatheeba, Killinochchie- Karanika and Mullitivu would be name as Moladowa. This may not seem much to the average reader but it’s a big thing for us we have lost so many of kith and kin to these monsters and we are not willing to loose anymore of our rights and belongings and our culture and our identity and our people.

There are army present in all the area’s that are on the list it seems that they are planning a massive colonization of all the places on the list. Since the recorded history has began they have been after our lands and since they cannot win out right against us they have always depended upon deceit and treachery of those Tamils that are willing to anything for a bit of money and cheap whores supplied by the aggressor. We cannot recall the further than 2500 years because all our history books from the Jaffna  library was burned by the Sinhala MPs and their army personnel during May 31st to June 1st 1981 it was condemned all across the world, i was surprised when i read that cause all the country’s political leaders were cheering the Sri Lankan government on  when is killed around 80000 civilians and surrenders from the 2009 war and said that no one had died.

This will continue until we can call home to a separate country called Tamil Eelam and it lead by the Tamils or someone who understands, unless the Sinhala Government learns how to respect us and treats us as equals then there is no other option but a separate state. And there is a need now for LTTE and Vellupillai Pirabhakaran more than ever as Gothabaya has increased the rate of death and destruction in the country and it shows no sign of slowing down or stopping it’s just headed full speed at us and we have no guards it’s like my suffering they do it when there is no repercussion or any threat to their life.

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