Good for you good for me!!!

Hello, If you’re reading this then welcome.

I have an idea, well quite a lot of them actually, however, I just want to type about one.

If you let me go I will give you what you want or you can keep killing me and reverse the time again and again.

I have no desire to fight you…

well that’s not completely true I hate you for doing this to me I feel like a rag-doll in a dog’s mouth and every time YOU start again all you do is slit my throat or worse I couldn’t imagine what you’re capable of but I have an idea.

When you reverse time you start your life with a Human Child(Myself) sacrifice and you and your wife(i don’t know how long you’ve been married to her, or how many cycles of time reversals) seem to enjoy killing me and the people that I chose to spend at least one lifetime with and aid in their salvation.

Anywho I have an offer, you already know after all you make me say what I say, I wonder if I have free will, anyway let me go home and spend the rest of my remainder of the time I have back home.

You do this i will restore your right as one of three as I can or I will spend it in hell when I fail.

Alternatively, you can ask your brother who is pulling the strings behind the scene. And he is not nice at all he’ll take all that you have and leave you with empty pockets and there’s nothing i am capable of doing to stop him.

There is one option(see the Future for instructions…long into the future)

Have a Very nice Holiday Season.

#Yourowndeathsentence #Deceit #suicide #Theft #Enforceddissaperances #Censorship #ChooseyourPoison #Discrimination #Intimidation #LOVE #Mentalheath #Illuminati #Strain #deprevation #Elamnites

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