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Have you ever….

Have you ever asked what seemed to be a stupid question?

Well, I have been told that nothing is a Stupid question many times.

Why isn’t it a stupid and pointless question, well you could not have any knowledge in that particular filed and you might only know the name of that particular subject. Therefore anything you ask is like a child learning to take its first step and learn to talk, just like a native speaker learning to speak a foreign language.

Just remember that absolutely NO question is a silly or a stupid question and that we are all on a learning process and that it’s life long, heck we learn something every day of our life for example when we are born we learn how to cry and we learn what our mothers face looks like and on the day we meet our maker we learn something on that day as well, we learn what he or to some people what she looks like if we’re lucky and as for most of us its the Lord of the Underworld, the Devil who awaits us.

Anyway, last year I started a company to sell things which I thought might be of interest and make people’s lives less hassle-free and cut down on effort and make time, we cut down on time spent on menial task’s and spare it for their family or their downtime and or hobby.

The website is called Koli-Kunju it’s made no sales however it has had a lot of people visiting it but I suppose that I’m selling the wrong things or better put it as the things people don’t want and not the things people would pay money for.

On that note let me ask you a question about you.

What would you wouldn’t mind waiting for a maximum of one month?

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