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If you want to help then may I suggest that you do it in brad daylight as When I’m sleeping I can be manipulated and I can be extremly violent and that’s not my fault, as a caged dog wont know who’s who as it only knows that there is a threat and that anyone approaching will be violent, and thus anyone can pose a threat.

I know and Have knowledge that I have hurt people that have tried to free me but that cant be stopped unless the shit’s ruling the place think about what thre reprecautions are.

Anyway No amount of boot licking can make up for the hurt and betrayal that I have done to those that have tried to help but I can and will say Sorry.

I know it’s only a word and has no credibiltiy in your dictionary but it’s all I got.

to those who will try in the furture, Don’t try. Let me Die.

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