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How can Sri Lanka become a first world country?

It’s possible, however not with Racist Parties and Immunity for the forces and the monks at the end of the day they too are human and they to need to be held accuntable.

To the points.

  1. Scrap the sinhala only law and make all public servants study both the language and a chosen 3rd language of their choise.

  2. You must acknowledge the countless mass murders during the last 60+ years, from all sides and commited by all sides this DOES include those commited by the armed forces and the JVP and thw LTTE ans hold them acclountable, and find the missing so that the people will trust the gov again.

  3. Stop building stuppas where no buddist lives and if you going to build it then dont steal land from anyone use state land.

  4. Stop harassing jurno’s. they ask the questions that need to be asked no matter hoe uncomfratble it may seem.

  5. Stop treating the Tamils like cattle and invaders, we came 1st and even if we didnt we have been here just as long as you, it’s now 2020 and religions is, in most country, a foot note and is kept seperate, always keep religion and politics away from each other.

  6. prevent any former racist and criminals from entering politics.

  7. Make it more hospitable and release land that belog to the Tamils and they will contribute Positively to the Economy.

  8. Allow and make it easier for those who have left beacaue of war to easily return and claim theri citizenship.

  9. Stop building unnessary buildings’s and then selling it to the Chinese Gov. incase you havent noticed the chinese now own a part of SL. if you cant even share right’s why are you giving our country.

  10. Make each provices self-governing, why beacsue it’s not your naighbour that decides how you should live it should be you. not just NORTH AND EAT but ALL of them. They know how to make themselves better not someone from the South.

  11. Enact laws that protect the ordinary man and women.

  12. provide access to higher education and dont discrimanite against those who take tution, it’s their way of escaping poverty.

  13. Dont discriminate against those who fought along side the LTTE as at that time it was, to them, a better option as thats how it was sold, everyone changes, look at KARUNA.

  14. Get rid of the Excecutive pressident power.

  15. Stop the Armed forces competing against the Civilains, theyre here to protect the nation not to make money.

  16. Stop interfering in The judiciary porcess by the monks and rich people and politicians.

  17. Invest in Indiginous Compnaies and local products and promote it, we have such fantastic talent exploit it, but dont abuse it.

  18. Encourage self employment with anyone who wants to go and run a buisness and provide help and easy access funds, providing that the idea or concept it sound.

  19. Update the pulic sector and the public services and stop theft by the politicians and employees.

  20. Give Equal acces to education to ALL.

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