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How many Years?

How many Years have I been used like a toilet paper.

I wonder what you have gotten from me.

And why have you erased the memory?

The king seems to play the role of the joker and the illusionist and a liar.

The more you take from me i will one day(I will only need One Day) take it all back and burn it to the ground, if It’s robbed from me then it’s not staying with you forever, this goes for everything and everyone.

You espically and the stuff you used me to get…I wont be killed by you and nor will i die on my knees.

I have a low bar for success: one scratch or one blind eye will do and i’m happy anything more will be a bonus.

#Enforceddissaperances #Family #Censorship #Discrimination #Intimidation #Pigs #Hate #Strain #Elamnites

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