HOW to Become More Productive

Get Up early: Plan an exciting breakfast and look forward to it, Sleep in total darkness because melatonine, the sleep hormone, is produced in darkness but before hand turn the phone off. read a book and not online because that way you don’t browse. And drink plenty of water before going to sleep it’s relaxing and rejuvenating. Cover yourself with a warm blanket between 16-21C, put the alarm clock across the room so that you don’t hit the snooze button. And last but and most important one is that you should schedule the most important task 1st in the morning so that you are excited to do it.

How to Think faster: Say “yes And…” first principle of improv comedy, relax your jaw you body may talk on it’s own- body intelligence, if the other party is silent don’t be tempted to say anything let the silence be, and if you have to think for a while repeat what you said before several times and follow the least effort principle. Visualize your knee jerk and now produce a “Mind jerk”, make sure that you listen to your gut it thinks faster than you brain.  And work with the 1st thought that comes to your mind, it’s there for a reason.

How to Start the Day: first thing successful people do in the morning is that they “Ask themselves” is this what i want to do if it were the last day on earth for them, Also don’t be lazy Tackle the hardest task on the plate. And then Visualize what your going to do and how you are going to do it that day. Exercise because it heps to clear the mind. Do real work and Don’t check your e-mail, and Talk to customers it’s nice to keep in touch and also essential if you want any repeat business.

How to have a Simple life as an Entrepreneur: Let go of the past, Let go of Perfectionism, Turn off the phone, Purge your belongings, Wear minimalist clothes, consume less, Say NO when you mean it. And have an alter-ego to deal with complicated things and move closer to where you want to be. And walk more, and run a little and you will get there faster.

How To Work Fast: Have a one track mind, the average human has more than 60000 thoughts per day. listen to music and music helps you do more as it can be used to boost your concentration also  don’t question anything you do in the 1st 15 minutes as its a draft (make a draft in 15 minutes). Do use a timer and if you cant do it in 15 minutes then you cant do it at all. write short emails 140 letters long to 250 letters long that should say what you want to say without complicating things more. And keep your desk clear of of clutter and it will clear your mind of distractions. Don’t stop if you are stuck for more than 30 seconds move on. And keep the light on bright so that they improve productivity.

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