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I can’t see…

I have in the past have had difficulty seeing so I’ve had laser eye surgery and i see well now, definitely better than before

This is not for highlighting my previous vision impairment.

I hope I’m the only one, why because it’s hell not seeing what is in front of you.

I have had on many occasions was unable to see the girls I’ve had affection for, particularly they would be blurred from my vision.

This has been happening ever since I saw a fat girl towering over my head when I was just a teenager and i think she stole my eyes.

Ever since then I can’t even make out the obvious signs of affection from my crushes.

I have also have selective hearing so I can’t not only see them but also can’t hear what they’re saying if anything.

I blame the A bitches especially the last and the second one, they’re the worst.

So many times i would have ended up with someone that i could’ve loved and had the feelings returned but they have been diverting then to a pig and rapists enjoyment.

I hope they get boiled alive in hell. And i hope, no pray that they become like Rani Mukherjee’s character in Black. But without hope.

Because that’s what I have become. There’s no light i my life…None.

#Assholes #Braindead #Deceit #Destroyed #Free #dreaming #Censorship #ChooseyourPoison #Discrimination #Concubinage #Concubine #Desecration #backstabing #Breathtakingbeauty #forced #anyonecangrow #freespeech #Boring #deprevation #Dilusion #Elamnites

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