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I have no idea what i’m doing

So today, well most days i watch how to make money, and today i have watched two youtube videos.

One was how the guy made 6 million dollar investment in the last 10 years. The other was how to retire early but with the same lifestyle as he is living now.

The 1st ones channel is called Graham Stephen. He’s a realestate broker turned YouTube financial star of sort. The other is someone i stumbled upon today while browsing on YouTube, his name is Andrei Jikh.

I like their way of life and i have ever since I came to the UK or to be precise even before I knew about how to earn money i have wanted it and lots of it.

It’s not what you think I only want. Right now I see money as a tool to aid a lot people and creatures on this world. And i have been personally helping people back home,i don’t like to discuss my personal giving or the names of people i give to as it would looks like I’m seeking popularity.

I only give around 75+ pounds for the aid of 4 different people each month and so far i have only been late once by 6 days but I have kept my promise nonetheless.

I don’t want you to thing this is a post begging for compensation or a begging post or to put it in your face but it’s a post to tell you that there are people who make money off nothing.

If you have a brain and some neurons firing then you can too.

In my former home country of Sri Lanka you can exchange old papers or used things for money, i dont know if you still can. I did when I was 6 i got 100+ rupees each time and I spent it on ice cream and chocolate and mars bars and Coke cola.

I’m not at all educated like my siblings or my extended family members but I know an opertunity early on. I know good investment opertunity but I’m also brash and rush into things without thinking it at least for a second i just do it and it’s got me into serious shit, ie i have twice taken out loans to invest but both times i screwed up and ended up paying the five years plans off with a lot more.

I have so far made 10+ major mistakes in my life and marriage was one of them. And that further drained 5 years of my life but that, unlike the money, left a hole in the heart and developed a misstrust of girls who give signal’s when they see you for the 1st time, like that’s happened 5 times and i still don’t learn i still go and probably always will.

I got off topic. Sorry.

So right now Sri Lanka offers a good opertunity for expat Tamils to get their dual citizenship, why not, when the current president is a dual why shouldn’t we be.

The reason I’m saying this is because if we look at the current stats only 1.1 million of us live in the country and by the looks of it the sinhala politi will win the war and they would have done it with ease.

Look at the current situation each family of Eelam Tamil’s, at one time or other, have been affected by the GoSL apparatus weather in the present or past but if not then they have fought against us in either another militant group or as a spy or as gov agents. Anyway if u look now there’s at least one person per household either dead or in custody, disappeared or in a foreign country and if this continues we will all be stateless orphans. Yes you may call UK or Canada or other countries home now but…What about your motherland.

Make plans to return to your mother’s land and at least retire or at least to bury your dead body if not it will be a Singala only land… Remember they are our guests and we should not give up our dream so fast of a separate country.

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