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I need my own body back

I need my own body back, Why?

Because I have more control over my thoughts with my brain that with some other cunt and without their thoughts interfering and input that conflicts with my thought pattern I am going around in circle. Don't take this lightly Old man...You might be senile but I Have a very very long life ahead of me and I need my body, what ever the form it's in right now.

I want to leave the town accommodate my need's and you can keep your secrets..................................................if not well my mind does crazy shit and since I'm not in control I can't deny what it wants to do.

I don't care what shape, sex or what size my body is in...I want it back.

Try and an Practice Live and Let Live the M's might have forgotten it but you should remember the very least. Give back what your daughter stole before I fuck up literally everything.

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