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I say dont you think….cause i dont

These actions are of the most depreaved and inhumane and saddistic Mr M.

You can do better.

This is worse than hell. 100% of the time i spend in captivity i feel as though i’d be safer in hell as i’d know where i am and why i’m there and what i’d been accused of.

Somehow i feel if i were to set me alight and destroy the body i inhabit so that it’s not revived i might see a better peaceful end to this lie that i’m living.

Can you tell me what i’m accused of and why i’m being so targeted.

I keep secrets and i dont tell and offcourse there’s you who can read the mind just by looking at the person.

I know i have limited time, SO DO YOU. ALL OF YOU(this is not a threat, serously who wants to go up against liturally everyone who leads each and every community in the world, hech even my family is in on it)

Oh yes everyone dies eventually. EVERYONE.

I do believe that it was LORD BRAMHA who said to Ravan “Everything has an END”. No i dont want to kill, on contraire to what you may belive but i just want to leave and go home.

This is a post from someone who seems to like to make veiled threats.

There are people laughing at me

my mother has abandoned me

my father has betrayed me

i dont know where my sisters are

i once wanted to change the world and all i want now is to die(that’s not german for “THE” it’s liturally to pass on and hopefully never return in the future or even if i do i hope your tv screen never sees me EVER)

#laughing #cousins #everyone #limitedtime #Family #Depraved #limitedthought #sisters #coronavirus #yourealier #killmenow

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