I want this parasite out of me

I don't think I have had any free will to think since i was a baby and this is also someone else, So I would kindly like to ask the Paedophile to let me go.

Failing that give me my body back you fucking cunt.

I know the DeMod will always sabotage my attempts to be free and he and his cunt, not that he isn't a cunt, no he is the biggest cunt of them all.

I will suffer until one of you fuckers help me, I know none of you will but I'll try anyway.

Treason: I was made to commit it and I will be made to do it again and this time none of you will survive the fall out of it.

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If my body has been used by the Inbred swine known as Ed Green then you old pedo will have to pay with your dignity and respect and the future of your family. I don't even like that scum, i can't even

You dipshit fuckers should stay the fuck away from me it's for your won good, i may look down and beat but i'm poison just fuck off and keep your fucking offspring's out of my way