I want to…

I want to love someone, randomly and unexpectedly

I want to be loved unconditionaly

I want to feel free

I want to taste the lips of my beloved on my lips

I want to have everlastiung momories with her

I want to have a child or two or three with her

I want to show her what she means to me

I want to dance in the rain like i did back home

I want to play in the lake

I want to swim in the ocean

I want to laugh until i cannot take it anymore

I want to see all the places on my own and with her and them

I want to meet strangers who are different in more way’s than one

I want to take something i’ve never tasted

I want to live with love and not seething hate

I want to drive really fast in germany

I want to see my whole family

I want to dive the deepest ocean

I want to sing like no one is watching and make it fantastic

I want to donate and forget about it

I want to donate blood

I want to be an organ donnor

I want to draw what i dream

I want to live free from these schacles

I want to have a fish tank in my house

I want to take breath taking pictures

I want to travel to other countries

I want to travel to other planets

I want to be kind

I want to participate in the building and recognition of Tamil Eelam

I want to be creative

I want to cook for my mother

I want to know my father

I want to see my Great-Grandmother and Great-Grandfather once more

I want to see my Grandfathers and Grandmothers many more times

I want to see my cousins

I want to get rid of the term “Third World” It’s only Planet earth

I want to finish my education

I want to study Theoretical Physics

I want to build a starship

Most of all I want to Live

Failling to do that I want to share my life with a Four Legged companion.

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