I would love some peace

like Homer Simpson who only wanted peas, i on the other hand want only my body Mr "O" or would you like to be called Narasimha.

Either way I call you I would Ideally would like to be freed and a lot less annoyed by you extended family members.

I would Ideally like my body back however failing that I would like to not to wake up "EVER" since I no longer have my body and have trouble hanging on to q calm thought of nothingness and absolutely numb, I don't know what I'm writing.

Anyway If, If not, when It turns out that I was Innocent all along and I'm just stuck up so much that I wont give a Pedo a BJ because he has power is my only crime...What will you do?

Will you hold the people that kept on ruining my life to account for the deceit or will you forgive them and elevate them because they suck your dick or maybe because they are your family members.

Remember I Always get what I plan, and I planed to kill those that touched me loooooonnnnggg time ago... and NOTHING has changed...nothing.

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If my body has been used by the Inbred swine known as Ed Green then you old pedo will have to pay with your dignity and respect and the future of your family. I don't even like that scum, i can't even

You dipshit fuckers should stay the fuck away from me it's for your won good, i may look down and beat but i'm poison just fuck off and keep your fucking offspring's out of my way