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Ideally, Ideally i would like to be back home in my country, not be a rape puppet for a cunt like yourself Mr O and Mr M and Mr A and Mr G and every other prick out there.

Ideally I would like to have fought in the war of 2009 and Even better i would not have left the fucking country.

Ideally I would not have the displeasure of meating Mr DM back in my life i was a young boy and definetly not been hit on the back of  my head by that shit head and even more i would not like to share my body with a Inbread redneck cunt espically my mind.

there are something you dont share or let someone in and there two are, well the mind is on that list of ONLY MINE.

Also I would’d toucch anyone of you with a ten foot barge pole what makes you think having a rape session with the body i’m is Ok.

Ideally I would Not like to be associated with your family or even anyone from this shity town.

Ideally I dont want to be touched by your kind, regardless of your power or how much reach you have within the world and the cosmos.

Ideally I would like to have never met that whore or her freinds, i have a question you live on the other side of town why on earth would you come to my school, unless you were hunting me, congrats you’ve got me caged in your own fucking whore of a body.

Ideally I’d like to be never have been born.

Stop fucking me or stop putting me in boddies while you fuck them.

#Assholes #Elamites #MiltonKeynes #parasites #Elamnites

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