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If Eelam ever did form, what would it’s socioeconomic status ever been like?

  1. Most of the Diaspora, a vast majority of the children born after 1990 will return with their collective knowledge and they are from far and wide and from many nations so they will have new ideas and new perspectives. (a plus point)

  2. they will have wealth of the nation that harboured them that they worked for.

  3. Large amounts of new industrial sectors will be created: tech, software, agriculture, fish-farming, livestock, education, flight and aerospace industry, fashion to say a few.

  4. the lost history that the SL gov burned down will be somehow investigated and researched and educated to the people.

  5. there will be a parliament and a prime minister who will be answerable to the public, and he/she will address the nation each week and answer any questions the public may have about the situation of the country, and THEY WILL and MUST. there are no stupid questions.

  6. The impoverished will get an education, job skills and money and a generous tax relief towards them getting back up on their feet and if they are differently-abled in any way then they will have a carer system in place for such people.

  7. there will be a large investment in psychiatric wards and psychiatrists to help with the large scale PTSD that people have had during the war and in the custody of the TID and Armed forces and paramilitary.

  8. If any singalese wants to immigrate to our country they may as we will not have a racist Gov and there have been some instances where they have helped and they have also intermarried within our community.

  9. we will teach our children to be better than us in terms of everything, after all, there are two gene pools involved and if the survival of the fittest is correct then they would have had the best of both and as such, they are the best of both mother and father.

  10. our offspring will have the best education system in the world and we as a community will work towards it as a whole.

  11. since there will be people that come from at least 50 different countries they will have an opportunity to learn, and they may and must study 4 languages from anywhere in the world.

  12. we will work to attain a good relation with our southern neighbour as we will share one island and as such harmony is important for both nations.

  13. at the same time, we will not be pushovers and will also invest in our armed forces as a means of a fallback strategy.

  14. there will be laws against child marriages and abuse, and crimes against men and women and animals and they will carry some harsh sentences.

  15. the judiciary will be completely independent and there will be an organization that will have the power to investigate if there are complaints that are registered with them about any discrepancies with the courts. No one is above the law.

  16. most important; The Religious section of the society shall and will nor have any say with how the Gov or any of its mechanisms may run and shall not interfere EVER and long as the nation or her people may exist.

  17. anyone from any country may immigrate to our country and we will welcome them as the world’s nations have opened their doors for us we will open it for them and keep it open…

  18. There shall be no beggars on our streets and if before they come to such a situation they will have the local Gov rep help them with any reasonable request to help them on their feet.

  19. anything in moderation is OK: Alchohol shops will be given licences and there will be a limit to their numbers and they may not operate anywhere near schools and places of worship and if anyone is caught selling illegally they will find themselves on the other side of the law’s arms. Also, the tobacco tax will be going up consecutively for every year to prevent people from buying it. Gambling shall be illegal( we know the Tamil community has a problem with gambling)

  20. we will have two new universities one in the far south-east and one in the Mannar area. and the Uni fee and any school fee’s shall be Null and it shall be for any foreigner coming to study there as well, we will pay for this with taxes and private donations and any inventions that are made by the uni students.

  21. there are more but it’s too long….sorry

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