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If Milton Keynes

If Milton Keynes was a country and IF I have commited any crimes then I should be released by now.

The Maximum serving time is life and I have served 20 Years for something I have never been responsible for.

I am the Victim and The purpertrator is still free is it fair to keep me in this condition and further humiliate me on an minutley basis.

I want to Go, In fact I would like to remind you about the Condition of your My false imprisonment according to UK LAW it carries 28 years and Fraud by abuse of position carries 10 years, Murder carries 28 years max, Kidnapping carries life (28) years and finally your all time favorite, Torture is life so (3 life sentence’s plus 10 years for each of you that have been involved in the wanton destruction of my life. and the immoral behavior of putting my body onthe street.

We May also need to create a new section on the Theft of peoples Bodies(while they’re still alive) and any life created should be either destroyed or dissolved or handed over to the original owner of the body( because if you can steat a body I wonder how the child can grow up as, it could turn out as total asshole)

And they both turned out to be total cunts


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