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In your eyes only.

In the eyes of the Elamnite community of Milton Keynes I am Evil.

What others think about you is none of your concern.

You will know your future and you will know what type of person you are if you are honest about it.

Sure I can and am an asshole to people that treat as trash but it’s their karma and it’ll come back as it will to me as well.

I was sent away but I was hunted down and tortured and killed and a parasitic being placed inside for additional reporting purposes.

I have said before and will stress this again “I want nothing to do with your kind EVER” try to understand that.

If someone sends someone back in time remove them selves from a place or situation then why don’t you think why that is even happening or happened.

Right now I’m think I should go back and provide my mother with birth control pills because if you going to be keeping me prisoner for the predetermined tine of 20000 days that’s 55 years without anything, even if anything does show up you’re basically scraping the pieces away.

So I don’t seem to have much choice of words to say but I can piece together something.

If you think I’m evil then we’ll go with that but what about yourself, you seem to keep people prisoners, mess up peoples relationship, kill when ever you want, rob peoples talent, rape men and women regardless of age(yay no discrimination) and plant thoughts in peoples head and of course change their body and take their body and rob them of their genitals.

I know you see me as evil but what about you and your kind(you all are far worse than your perception of me in your eyes).

I have a father I don’t need another (useless he may be but he’s ok).

Also its not always as they seem.

Live and Let Live.

#abuse #bloomingabilities #MentalBlock #Blackpheonix #Correspondence

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