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The slut Janzah’s hunger for cock is insatiable and as is that dipshit Mod’s thirst for pussy and the urge to rape people.

So they’ve choosen me as their meat.

This has been going on since well before i was born and will NOT and MUST NOT be allowed to continue any further.

That SANIYAN is bad for anyone’s secret group or association as he’ll simply undermine the intergirity of them.

However if it’s the goal to Mass rape people and turn them to hate you MR PEDOPHILE KING OF THE ELAMNITES then you have the right people. If as a king you fail to protect people from attrocities then why should you be a king, kinda of seat warmer is not welcomed.

This may not go out to the rest of human’s outside and they may see me as you present me to them but i’ll eventually have his head, it’s only required ONCE. JUST ONCE.

And I will have revenge, Your head will be crushed as will his fathers and his boy band followers.

I was just minding my own bussiness and you’ve bought me into this you cunt’s and you should pay regardless of your possition in this whole creation, no creature is too big to be bought down and no creature is big to be stopped from creating caos. STOP.

#janzah #Whore #Elamnite #Elamnites #insatiable

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