Jhon Cena

Jhon Cena

My Family’s pride and Joy

Age: 12 years Sex: Male Weight: Don’t matter Breed: Don’t care


Jhon Cena is a lovely canine and a fantastic guard dog, lol, not really he’s terrified of people and he run away from anyone he does not know. He is rather threatening to children and will bark at them, but if they ever did approach him they would flee, just like me I’m a loud mouth and I tend to flee from my enemies and anyone that I don’t need in my life at all.

He loves me to the core, as I was his biting toy when he was just a puppy and i loved him nibbling on my fingers and he was and still a loving dog of our big family and we do miss him, he’s in Sri Lanka and we are all in Europe, but don’t you worry as he does have my aunt, who is his master and owner and he is her guard dog, rather a crap one, but he’s still loved very much.


Jhon Cena is showered by someone in the family every week and since he does not have any molting hair to molt he does not need a groomer.

He does not have any ball’s(when I found out that his was snipped off by the VET I was fuming) I was an unhappy bunny and when I asked where his nut’s after inspecting his underneath they all laughed at me. He has had all the injections that are needed in the country he lives in.


The owner is a Strong willed woman, my aunt, and she and her husband have him and a cat. They’re in their 60’s

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