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I know my future is bleak but what i dont know how much more i can take before snapping and taking something or someone’s life and ending up in a pretend jail.

That person(most likely i’ll kill a human) will be fine as they will be revived via a device which was meant to benefit the whole world and it’s an old device.

currently it’s being used to torture people and i know of one person who has had such encounter with the Elamnite Ruling family of Milton Keynes, the so-called king did it to a person, i don’t know how many times he was killed horribly and revived but he did suffer a lot, and i know this as he came to help ot seek help from me.

I have been seeing at least one future life cycle of my own at least twice a week and for the last 16 years and it’s been constant and all i see is a dead-end.

Sure i have a life but is it a life if there is no rewards and no punishment for those people who steal and cheat t ordinary people out of what is meant to be theirs,just because they have a TV that’s capable of showing the various alterations in the current timeline and it’s outcomes.

So it works like this it takes a being to operate it and they must, at the present time, have to be an Elamnite and they can use their knowledge of the operating system of the device to see into either their or another’s future and what they’ll achieve or don’t achieve and this was built by my previous version of myself.

It’s current purpose is that it serves to stop me from getting anything positive in life, oh so many people trying to stop one person living  a life.  Right now all i have is pain and suffering and misery and nothing else.

I blame not the guy who’s been killing me and my adopted people continuously for the last 700 million years but when he has a change of heart and decides to let me live his adopted father of a prick steals what ever power i have brewing inside and falls for this shit bags pretend tears, com’on Gothabaya Rajapaksa can do better crocodile tears and he never cries.

All i want is my, whatever’s left of, body and in whatever condition and i don’t care what i look like i can skin myself latter can cut off any boobs that i may have. I want to return home you’ve slyly abducted, nope lured me into thinking i was going to get lessons in mind mastery but i have lost everything, my family, my mind and my body and my freedom.

How does one lose something they are born with, their body you’ve created a problem that’s not been heard of before in human history(current history). You’ve managed to steal someone’s, as far as i know only myself’s, body and that creates a new president in theft.

All i want is my body back and my mind back, My previous self-created many things and i also have seen many times your son fail and the only time he succeeds and goes and fuck it up, i can trust him to do it again or alternatively i have seen the end and it aint pleasant for any of you especially the dude in my head that keeps saying “shut the fuck up”.

Let me find love. Or kill me permanently.

#Southasian #Assholes #Imagination #Satan #losebody #losehope #Enforceddissaperances #Censorship #losefaith #Intimidation #letmelive #loselove #loseintrest #setup #TamilNationSlaughter #losemind #Illuminati #Elamnites

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