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Kindness begets kindness…So expect the same!!!👍

You, even before I was born have planned my and my family’s and the people I belonged to eventual destruction.

However you don’t have the gutts for facing uno on uno. So you use women and your powers.

The powers you have made you selfish, not that you were’nt before, but this time you’ve gone 1000% up and above as an a**hole.

It’s your upbringing, and your community’s influence as a whole and that you were not able to shine enough or even shine at all.

There’s still a chance to correct the mistakes you’ve made but you have to pull together with your older self, he’s exhausted seriously all he’s been doing is eating and poopping and sleeping and mass murdering every 53 years and then repeating it again and again and again.

He, i mean you are a pro at genocide, i mean look at you and look at me, I’ve decided to be a life giver and you’ve taken my place as lord of death, you are a failure in your attempts to userp power, but don’t count your cousin out yet.

I mean he’s a born jerk for doing that to you, i mean outshining you but that’s what he does, but what you did and bringing me and everyone concerned all in one place to make equal is not good its fantastic.

Everyone should be treated equal and given equal rights, why give let them have what they are born with and don’t interfere with others private affairs not in the present or future and let the past teach you and me and everyone a lesson that none of us forgets.

Kindness begets kindness and likewise programing people to cause caoss will only backfire as they can also do that.

Deceit begets betrayal and deceit. Watch your side, not your back cause your family, especially your father, will watch your back.

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